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    Check out our guide that may answer some of your questions while you shop for Pallet Covers.


    How to measure for a pallet cover


    How to mesure for a pallet cover

    Determine the size of your pallet or load size


    Here is the math:

    1. Load Width + 2” = Pallet Cover Width

    2. Load Depth + 2” = Pallet Cover Depth

    3. Load Height + 1/2 of Load Depth + 4” = Pallet Cover Length


    Width x Depth (gusset) x Length - Note: Depth is the the smaller of the two sides


    For example if your load size is 52" x 42" x 71"
    (W) 52" + 2" = 54" | (D) 42" + 2" = 44" | (L) 71" + 21" + 4" = 96"

    The Size to Order is 54" x 44" x 96"


    Now using the dimensions of your load size use the calculator below:


    Pallet Cover Calculator

    • Note: Depth (D) is the shorter of the 2 sides.

    Minimum Pallet Cover Size:


What is the difference between Pallet Covers vs Pallet Cover Tarp

The difference is in the material, longevity and cost.

The Material:

We offer the less expensive alternative of Pallet Cover made from Low Density Polyethylene. Pallet Cover Tarps are typically made from woven polyester.


The longevity of Low Density Polyethylene as well as woven poly can be influenced by a variety of factors like UVI, moisture and extreme temperatures. Additives like a UV Blocker can be added to LDPE to extend the life of the material. Generally, Plastic Pallet Covers will cover your items as a dust shield for years in a controlled environment.


Plastic pallet covers give you more bang for your buck, especially since they are reusable and basically last the same amount of time that woven poly tarps last as long as they are appropriately used.


When to buy Clear Pallet Covers vs Black UVI Pallet Covers

Are you leaving your pallets and product outside for an extended time? If so, your product may need Black UV resistant Pallet Covers. Otherwise you can use clear or black pallet covers that do not contain any additive.


Are these bags waterproof pallet covers

These pallet cover bags are water-resistant like all polyethylene bags, but not waterproof. They should not be used to leave items outside overnight if you are worried about your product , but can be used to bring peace of mind during quick transport.


Where to buy Clear Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers Suppliers like uline pallet covers have a wide selection of pallet covers home depot has a limited supply and offers lower quantities at a higher price.