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Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes are a great choice when shipping posters, blueprints or artwork. We have many types of shipping tubes to suite most any need. We offer mailing tubes with end caps, snap-seal end tubes, corrugated cardboard tubes and heavy duty tubes. Most are available in kraft (brown or natural), white, and a number of other colors.

Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes are a great choice when shipping posters, blueprints, paintings, drawings, maps, posters, and other fragile items that you do not want to fold or bend. . We offer many types of shipping tubes to suit almost any mailing need. We offer telescopic mailing tubes with an end cap plug that shrinks, expands, and secures the package. We offer economical snap-seal end mailing tubes that you securely secure the tubes by pressing with your fingers, another shipping tube option is round mailing tubes that come in a variety of colors including kraft. Lastly, we offer corrugated heavy-duty white cardboard triangle and square shipping tubes.


Why Use Mailing Tubes

As a company that ships out items or products one of the worst things that could happen is your package crushed and your product damaged. These mailing tubes are virtually crushed preventing the shipment damaged before it arrives. For some businesses, it is simple as sending out another package. This is not always the case. Some shipments are not only fragile, but they are often very unique, for example, a painting or drawing, which isn’t easy to replace. That’s why businesses that need to ship fragile and one-off products such as paintings, drawings, blueprints, maps, and others greatly benefit by shipping using cardboard mailing tubes.

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