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Custom Poly Bags

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Learn More About Custom Poly Bag Features & Options

Custom open top flat ploy bags

Custom open top flat poly bags are the most requested custom poly bag we get. Used in retail, packaging, industrial, food service, home and garden, and more. Choose the size of the bag and the Mil thickness, and you're ready to print your logo, instructions, company name, directions, accreditations, and more. 

Custom poly bags with header pack

Custom poly bags with header pack is an excellent intermediate solution to automated packaging equipment. Excellent for line or workstation to speed up manual packaging operations. Custom header poly bags are side sealed, packed together with 100 custom printed bags stapled to a chipboard header. You can also seal the bag with Impulse Bag Sealers and Closures options. 

Custom poly bags with a valve

Custom poly bags with a valve are made with a valve in one corner where the bag is filled. We offer 3 styles of valves depending on your application. The first valve, “Style R Valve”, is for filling bags with powders. The second style is called a “T Valves” and it is used for sand and seeds. The last type is called an “Open Mouth Valve” and is commonly used for dog food.

Custom wicketed poly bags

Custom wicketed poly bags are similar to a custom poly bag with a header pack. Custom poly bags on wickets are packed on a wire with 100 to 250 printed bags. Custom bags on a wicket make auto, semi-auto or manual bags loading easy and efficient.

Custom flip top and reverse flip-top poly bags

Custom flip top and reverse flip-top poly bags are designed to have a convenient flip-over top allowing easy opening and reclosing of a package. Custom flip top poly bags are commonly used for bagging blankets, clothing, other textiles, food, and sandwiches. These bags are often custom printed with a logo, company name, contact information, instructions, and directions.

Custom bottom loading poly bag

Custom bottom loading poly bag has the top of the bag sealed and the bottom open. Custom bottom-loading bags have one side of the bottom longer which allows the bag to be opened more easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Poly Bags

What are custom-printed poly bags?

Custom-printed poly bags are packaging materials made from polyethylene or polypropylene designed with unique prints, such as a company logo or branding.

What materials are used in the production of these bags?

Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are the most common materials used due to their durability and flexibility.

Can I have any design or logo printed on custom poly bags?

Yes, you can typically have any design or logo printed. The printer will work with you to ensure your design fits the printing process.

What's the minimum order quantity for custom-printed poly bags?

Our minimum order quantity for custom poly bags depends on the features you select. On average our minimums are from 2500 to 5000 bags.

How long does it typically take to produce and deliver my custom poly bags?

Production and delivery times can vary, but it typically can take a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your design and the features you select.

Are there any limitations to the number of colors I can use in my design for custom poly bags?

The printing technology might limit the number of colors. However, we do offer full-color printing for most bag styles.

What printing techniques are used?

Full-color Digital, Flexographic, and rotogravure printing are the most common techniques we use to produce high-quality prints.

Can I get a prototype or sample before making a large order?

Absolutely. We want to ensure you're happy with the final product before making your investment.

Are the bags custom poly bags recyclable or environmentally friendly?

The recyclability depends on the materials used. Many poly bags are recyclable, and we also offer biodegradable/sustainable packaging options.

How durable are these custom poly bags?

Poly bags are generally durable and resistant to breaking. The strength of the bag depends on the thickness of the material used.

What sizes are available for custom-printed poly bags?

Custom-printed poly bags can be made in almost any size, from small pouches to large sacks.

How much do custom-printed poly bags cost?

The cost varies depending on the bag's size, the design's complexity, the number of colors used, and the quantity ordered.

Can these custom poly bags be resealed, or do they require a separate closure?

Some types of poly bags can be resealed, while others might require a separate closure. This is typically a feature you can specify when designing your bag.

Are there any specific artwork requirements for the design to be printed?

Artwork requirements depend on the printing process used. Typically, high-resolution vector files are preferred.

How can I make sure the colors in my design will look the same when printed?

We use the Pantone Matching System to achieve the best possible match.

Can these custom poly bags be for food packaging?

Some poly bags can be used for food packaging if made from food-grade materials and comply with all relevant safety regulations.

Is there a difference in print quality between different types of poly bags?

Print quality can vary based on the printing method and quality of the artwork. Both digital, flexographic, and rotogravure printing can produce high-quality prints.

How should I handle and store these bags to maintain their quality?

Poly bags should be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight to maintain quality and handled carefully to avoid damaging the print.

Can the bags be made to be tamper-evident?

Some types of poly bags can be made tamper-evident, providing an additional layer of security for your products.

What are the shipping options available?

Shipping options depend on the manufacturer. Many offer both domestic and international shipping, with various speed options available.

How to determine the correct size and thickness (Mil) for custom poly bags?


When choosing the right size and thickness for custom poly bags, you will need to consider a few key factors:


Purpose: What will the poly bag be used for? Is it for packaging products, storing food, or something else? Different uses require different bag sizes and thicknesses.

Size of the item: The item you want to put in the bag will determine the size. The bag should be large enough to fit the item easily but not so large that it wastes material or makes the item shift around too much.

Weight of the item: Heavier items require thicker bags. If the bag is too thin, it might not be able to support the weight of the item and could tear or break.

Protection needs: If the items to be packaged are sharp or have rough edges, a thicker bag would be more suitable to prevent puncturing. Similarly, items that require extra cushioning or protection from external factors such as moisture, dust, or UV rays may need thicker or special types of poly bags.

Now, let's see how to determine the size and thickness (Mil) for your custom poly bags.


Determining the Size:

Measure the width, length, and depth (if applicable) of the item you wish to bag. These measurements will be the basis for your poly bag's size. For bags with bottom or side gussets (which allow them to expand), you'll also need to account for these in your dimensions.


For example, to determine the width of the bag, measure your product's width (left to right), add its depth (front to back), then add 1/2" to 1" for fit. This is the width of the bag you’ll need.


To determine the length of the bag, measure your product's height (bottom to top), add the depth (if applicable), and then add 3” to 5”. This extra length accounts for the overhang needed to close the bag.


Determining the Thickness (Mil):

The thickness of a poly bag is typically measured in Mil. One Mil is equal to one-thousandth (1/1000) of an inch.


As a general guideline:

  • Lightweight items (up to 10 lbs) typically require bags of 1-2 Mil thickness.
  • Medium-weight items (10-50 lbs) typically require bags of 2-3 Mil thickness.
  • Heavy-duty or sharp items (>50 lbs) typically require bags of 3-4 Mil or more thick.

Remember, these are just guidelines. You should always test your bag under actual conditions to make sure it can hold your product securely.


Please note local regulations and sustainability considerations can also play a part in deciding the thickness and material type of the bags. If possible, always try to balance the requirements of strength, cost, and environmental impact.

Popular 1 Mil to 6 Mil Custom Poly Bag Applications:


1 Mil Custom Poly Bags

1 Mil custom palstic bags are used for lightweight, less bulky items. They are generally used in applications where a barrier against dust and moisture is needed.

Packaging for textiles and apparel like T-shirts and lightweight clothing.
Covering and protection for lightweight items like paper and photographs.
Packaging for food items such as baked goods and produce.

2 Mil Custom Poly Bags

2 Mil custom plastic bags are slightly more durable and offer greater protection against punctures than 1 Mil bags. They are suitable for products that require a bit more security.

  • Packaging for small parts and manuals.
  • Packaging for pharmaceuticals and wellness products.
  • Packaging for food products such as nuts, candies, and frozen foods.

3 Mil Custom Poly Bags

3 Mil custom plastic bags offer even more durability and are often used for medium-weight items that need a higher level of protection.

  • Packaging for industrial parts and hardware.
  • Packaging for electronic components.
  • Food storage, particularly for bulkier, heavier items like grains.

4 Mil Custom Poly Bags

4 Mil custom plastic bags are considered heavy-duty bags suitable for heavier products with sharper edges.

  • Packaging for automotive parts.
  • Packaging for industrial equipment and tools.
  • Protecting heavier food items or those with sharp edges, like frozen foods with bone-in or shell-on.

5 Mil Custom Poly Bags

5 Mil custom plastic bags are typically used for very heavy items or items with sharp edges that could puncture the bag.

  • Packaging for construction materials.
  • Packaging for heavy hardware and industrial parts.
  • Packaging for sharp or heavy medical equipment.

6 Mil Custom Poly Bags

6 Mil custom plastic bags are used for the heaviest, bulkiest, and sharpest items. They are typically used in applications where a high level of protection is needed.

  • Heavy-duty covers for outdoor equipment and machinery.
  • Packaging for extremely heavy parts or equipment.
  • Waste disposal for sharp or heavy objects.
  • Protective covering for sharp or heavy items in shipping and storage.


Please note that these are typical applications, and your specific needs may vary depending on the specifics of your product, handling, and transportation conditions. Always consider testing the bags under actual conditions before large-scale use.

Custom Poly Bags
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