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Mattress Bags and Box Spring Bags

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Mattress Bags
Using plastic mattress and box spring bags can be highly beneficial for protecting your mattresses and box springs during transit or storage. These bags shield your bedding from moisture, dust, dirt, and other potentially damaging elements that could compromise its integrity. Using these bags, you can keep your mattresses and box springs in pristine condition, free from any wear and tear that could result in costly replacements. Additionally, plastic mattress and box spring bags are easy to use, with a simple slip-on design that makes them a convenient and cost-effective solution for protecting your bedding investments. With their durable construction and reliable protection, plastic mattress and box spring bags can help ensure that your bedding stays clean, fresh, and ready for use whenever you need it.

Wholesale Plastic Bags for Mattress and Box Spring

Mattress Bag Size Explanations

Twin Size or Single: The perfect bed for one adult or a child. Use this size in small rooms, dorms, vacation homes, etc. Also fits twin-size hi-risers and day beds! 39” x 75”.

Twin Extra Long: Typically used in college dorm rooms. Provides extra length for tall individuals. 39” x 80”.

Three-Quarter Size: This is the size for antique beds! We carry an assortment of this hard-to-find size! (Call for Price.) Also great for one person looking for more room. 48” x 75”.

Full or Double Size: This is the smallest size to consider for two people. Also very popular with children. 54” x 75”.

Full Extra Long: Provides extra length for taller individuals. 54” x 80”.

Queen Size: The most popular size for two people. Provides a more comfortable sleeping area than a full size. 60” x 80”.

King Size: The perfect solution for two people! Lots of room to be comfortable without disturbing your partner! 76” x 80”. Box spring is made in two pieces to allow for ease of delivery.

California King Size: This size offers more length with less width and is the standard king size on the West Coast. 72” x 84”.


Is there any difference between Mattress Bags and Box Spring Bags?

There are some differences between mattress bags and box spring bags.

  • Size: Mattress bags are designed to fit mattresses of various sizes, from twin to California king. Box spring bags are designed to fit box springs of similar sizes but rarely do box springs come in king or California king sizes. The size and shape of the bag will depend on the size of the mattress or box spring it is designed to protect.
  • Material: Both mattress and box spring bags are typically made from plastic, but the thickness and durability of the plastic may vary. Mattresses are substantially heavier than box springs; therefore, the bags are often made from heavier, more durable plastic to protect the mattress during transport and storage. A thinner bag may be chosen to cover box spring bags.
  • Closure: Mattress bags and box spring bags often are either sealed shut using a heat sealer, staples, or tape that completely encloses the mattress and keeps it protected.
  • Purpose: Mattress bags and box spring bags are primarily designed to protect either during transportation and storage
  • Use: Mattress bags and box spring bags can both be used to protect furniture during moves or when storing them. Mattress bags are designed to protect the mattress from dirt, moisture, and damage, and box spring bags are designed to protect the box spring from the same things.
Mattress Size Guide

Overall, while mattress and box spring bags are designed to protect furniture during transport and storage, they are designed to accommodate different types of furniture and have some differences in size and material. It's essential to choose the appropriate size of the bag based on the specific needs of the furniture being transported or stored.

Cant Find What You're Looking For?
Try out Our Custom Options

Custom Mattress Bags

    Size Guide

  • Width: 39” – 78”
  • Depth: 8” – 24”
  • Length: 50”–120”
  • Gauges: 2.5 – 4 mil

    Film Color or Tint

  • Black, brown, buff, gray, white, medium blue, sky blue, baby blue, blue green, leaf green, dark green, red, orange, yellow, pink or purple.


  • ¼”round, 1/8” round, butterfly or micro-perforation.

    Material and Additives

  • Anti-block, anti-stat, clarity, high slip, linear low-density with octane or hexane, metallocene, non-scratch, non-slip, postal approved or UVI.


  • Wound on 3” cores with 1” diameter holes.
  • Specify roll count.
  • Rolls may be boxed, cradle packed or tray-packed.


Custom Mattress Film
For Automated Applications

    Size Guide

  • Width: 80”– 126”’
  • Depth: 2.5 – 4 mil
  • White or blue color

    Film Color or Tint

  • Choose clear or medium blue.


  • Choose to add a standard butterfly vent pattern.


  • All film is single wound on rolls with 3” cores.
  • All rolls are cradle packed.


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All custom-made products involve many production variables.
Please share your exact requirements below so that we may offer you a fast, no obligation custom quote.

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