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Evidence Bags

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Evidence Bags

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Plastic Evidence Bags
Evidence collection requires specialized procedures and protection. Our evidence bags have all of the necessary security features to ensure evidence is gathered, recorded, and stored in a procedural and safe manner. These evidence bags have our more secure level 4 closure.

Plastic Evidence Bag Features:

Engineered to secure evidence gathered at crime scenes.

Plastic evidence bags are specifically designed to hold and transport physical evidence collected at crime scenes, such as DNA samples, fibers, or other small items. These bags are made of high-quality, transparent plastic material that allows investigators to see the contents of the bag without having to open it, preserving the integrity of the evidence.

Tamper evident

Plastic evidence bags are designed with a tamper-evident seal, which indicates if the bag has been opened or tampered with after it was sealed. This helps to ensure that the evidence collected at a crime scene remains intact and untainted, which is important for the proper investigation and prosecution of a case.

Highly sought-after features

Plastic evidence bags come in a range of sizes to accommodate different types of evidence. They may have various features such as write-on labels for identifying the contents of the bag, or reinforced edges to prevent punctures or tears.

Perfect for scientific or medical research

In addition to their use by law enforcement and forensic investigators, plastic evidence bags may also be used in other settings where physical evidence needs to be collected and transported, such as in medical or scientific research.

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