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ISO 9001 Certified

People + Purpose + Process + Passion = Quality
The advantage for you is quality products at the lowest possible cost.


International Plastics' Quality Policy

Our entire organization is driven by a commitment to operational excellence and a desire to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our Quality Management System helps us deliver consistent quality products, industry-leading customer service, and professional problem resolution and guides our commitment to continuous improvement.

What our ISO certification means for you

  • Consistent quality in products and services
  • Prompt resolution of problems
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

Many companies claim "quality products and services"; however, most have no quality management system. What that means to you is "empty promises." Likewise, just being ISO certified doesn't necessarily mean 100% error-free services or products. It does, however, assure you that we follow standard ISO procedures, maintain proper documentation of procedures, and regularly audit all critical processes and systems within our company. If there is a breakdown in any of these procedures or some nonconformity occurs, our ISO system will promote a prompt resolution and corrective action. Corrective actions help eliminate or hold to an absolute minimum of those errors. These ongoing process evaluations also help us spot inefficiencies and problems before they occur, allowing us to eliminate costs associated with returns, defective products, etc.


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