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Poly Bags & Poly Liners

Flat Poly Bags & Poly Liners

Poly bags, also known as plastic bags, are one of the most versatile and widely used packaging solutions. Poly bags and plastic bags are used in just about every industry. Poly bags are available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and styles, making them ideal for packaging various products.

Wholesale Poly Bags For Your Business

White Block Poly Bags

White Block Poly Bags

White block write-on panel poly bags help you keep your things organized.


2 MIL - White Block Write-On Panel

4 MIL - White Block Write-On Panel

Custom Poly Bags

Custom Printed Poly Bags

For over 50 years we have specialized in printed plastic bags for industries and customers of all types. Custom Printed Poly Bags with Your Logo and Information! From Design to Implementation!

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Poly Bags


Benefits of Plastic Bags

Poly bags offer several benefits over other types of packaging, including:


  • Durability: Poly bags are solid and durable, making them ideal for protecting products from damage during shipping and storage.
  • Water resistance: Poly bags are water resistant, which makes them ideal for packaging products that need to be protected from moisture.
  • Transparency: Many poly bags are transparent, which allows customers to see the product inside.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Poly bags are a relatively inexpensive packaging solution.


Applications for Plastic Bags

Poly bags are used in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Food and beverage: Poly bags package various food and beverage products, such as bread, snacks, and produce.
  • Retail: Poly bags package various retail products, such as clothing, toys, and electronics.
  • Industrial: Poly bags package various industrial products, such as hardware, machinery parts, and medical supplies.



Our poly bags meet FDA and USDA food-grade requirements (Food-grade plastic bags). If you want to save money on poly bags from other online retailers such as Uline© with excellent customer service, International Plastics can help. From small poly bags to large poly bags, we have them all! Wholesale poly bags at guaranteed lowest prices!

Frequently Asked Questions About Poly Bags

What are the different types of polyethylene bags?

There are a variety of different types of poly bags available, including:

  • Flat poly bags: Flat poly bags are the most common type of poly bag. They are typically used for packaging lightweight items, such as clothing and electronics.
  • Gusseted poly bags: Gusseted poly bags have expandable sides, which allows them to hold more products. They are typically used for packaging heavier items, such as food and hardware.
  • Zip-top poly bags have a resealable closure, making them ideal for packaging products that must be opened and closed multiple times.
  • Heavy-duty poly bags: Heavy-duty poly bags are made from thicker plastic material, which makes them ideal for packaging heavy or fragile items.

What is the difference between LDPE and HDPE polyethylene bags?

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) are the two most common types of polyethylene used to make poly bags. LDPE poly bags are softer and more flexible than HDPE poly bags. They are also less transparent. HDPE poly bags are stiffer and more durable than LDPE poly bags. They are also more transparent.

Which type of poly bag is right for me?

The best type of poly bag for you will depend on the specific needs of your product. A flat poly bag may be sufficient if you are packaging a lightweight item, such as clothing or electronics. If you are packaging a heavier item, such as food or hardware, a gusseted poly bag may be a better choice. A zip-top poly bag is a good option if you need a resealable bag. And if you are packaging a heavy or fragile item, a heavy-duty poly bag is the best choice.

Are poly bags recyclable?

Yes, many poly bags are recyclable. However, checking with your local recycling center to see what types of poly bags they accept is essential.

How can I reduce the environmental impact of using poly bags?

There are several ways to reduce the environmental impact of using poly bags, including:

  • Reusing poly bags whenever possible.
  • Recycling poly bags whenever possible.
  • Choosing poly bags made from recycled materials.
  • Using compostable poly bags.

Where can I buy poly bags?

At International Plastics Inc., we offer wholesale Poly bags that are in stock and ready for same-day shipping!

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