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Custom Poly Film and Poly Sheeting

Custom Poly Film & Sheeting

Custom plastic sheeting has a wide range of uses from construction ground sheeting to pallet top covers and more. Our plastic sheeting comes on a roll and can be customized to fit your use, whether you need a center fold, perforations, or double-wound material. With custom printing up to 6 colors, you can turn your custom poly sheeting into a marketing tool for your brand.

Custom Plastic Sheeting Features:

Double Wound Poly Sheeting 

Custom Printed Double Wound Sheeting (DWS) is poly sheeting wound up 2 layers thick on a roll. DWS is measured as width x length. 

Centerfold Poly Sheeting 

C-Fold Sheeting is sheeting that is folded in half and wound up on a roll. It is measured by width (in inches) x length (in feet). For example 12" x 100' C-Fold Sheeting will open up to a sheet that is 24" x 100'. 

Poly Sheeting 

Custom plastic sheeting has a wide range of uses from construction ground sheeting or wrapping items for storage or shipping. 

Perforated Poly Sheeting

Custom perforated plastic sheeting has a wide range of uses from creating perfect size pallet covers to making separation sheets for products in storage.

Center Slit Poly Sheeting

Custom Printed Center Slit Sheeting is tubing with a slit down the center of one layer of film. The slit down the middle allows the sheeting to open up to a flat sheet. This allows the C-slit sheeting rolls to be 1/2 as long as the sheeting, which takes up less space. 

Gusseted Center Slit Poly Sheeting 

Gusseted tubing is tubing with pleats on each side allowing the tubing to expand beyond its lay-flat width. The gusset is considered to be the depth of the tube. For example, an 8" x 4" x 500' tube would be 8 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 500 feet long.

J or Lip Poly Sheeting 

J Film or Lip Sheeting is folded poly film with one side longer than the other. The sheeting is measured as the unfolded full width of the sheet. The lip can be placed on either side of the roll. 

Embossed Poly Sheeting 

Custom Printed Embossed Film can be used in applications such as diapers, plastic tablecloths, or any variety of businesses where the peaks and valleys in the embossed film allow for easy separation between items and additional cushioning. 

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