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Custom Poly Sheeting & Poly Film

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Customize your poly sheeting!

Custom Plastic Sheeting provides effective long-term protection and is a powerful marketing tool. With your logo, messaging, or brand colors integrated into the design, custom plastic sheeting elevates your construction projects, or agricultural endeavors, reinforcing your brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on customers and partners alike. It's a smart way to combine utility with brand recognition.

Learn More About the Different Types of Poly Sheeting

Double Wound Poly Sheeting 

Custom Printed Double Wound Sheeting (DWS) is poly sheeting wound up 2 layers thick on a roll. DWS is measured as width x length. 

Centerfold Poly Sheeting 

C-Fold Sheeting is sheeting that is folded in half and wound up on a roll. It is measured by width (in inches) x length (in feet). 

Poly Sheeting 

Custom plastic sheeting has a wide range of uses from construction ground sheeting or wrapping items for storage or shipping. 

Perforated Poly Sheeting

Custom perforated plastic sheeting has a wide range of uses from creating perfect size pallet covers to making separation sheets for products in storage.

Center Slit Poly Sheeting

Custom Printed Center Slit Sheeting is tubing with a slit down the center of one layer of film. The slit down the middle allows the sheeting to open up to a flat sheet. This allows the C-slit sheeting rolls to be 1/2 as long as the sheeting, which takes up less space. 

Embossed Poly Sheeting

Custom Printed Embossed Film can be used in applications such as diapers, plastic tablecloths, or any variety of businesses where the peaks and valleys in the embossed film allow for easy separation between items and additional cushioning. 

J or Lip Poly Sheeting 

J Film or Lip Sheeting is folded poly film with one side longer than the other. The sheeting is measured as the unfolded full width of the sheet. The lip can be placed on either side of the roll. 

What is plastic sheeting called?

Poly or plastic sheeting has many names depending on what industry is using the film. In general, sheeting can be called liners, film, or barriers depending on the use. Construction and painters refer to them as drop cloths or painters' plastic. In agriculture, it is called garden plastic sheeting agriculture film, or greenhouse plastic sheeting. 


Despite the different names, these styles of poly sheeting are extremely similar. If your plastic sheeting has any specific features or specifications be sure to include those in your quote form so we can build rolls of plastic sheeting perfect for your use. 


What thicknesses does plastic sheeting come in?

Plastic sheeting can be made in any range of thicknesses. For non-custom stock sheeting we offer poly sheeting in 1.5 mil to 6 mil.

1 Mil - 2 Mil provides light-duty protection for indoor painting, pallet covers, etc. 

6 Mil Plastic Sheeting is referred to as heavy-duty. 

15 Mil Plastic Sheeting is used as an underslab vapor barrier. 

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