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Stretch Film & Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film & Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap and/or stretch film is a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items and pallets. Stretch films' elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage. Economical polyethylene hi-clarity hi-cling stretch wrap film is offered as bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, and machine stretch film rolls. Our stretch wrap features superior break strength, cling, clarity, and tear resistance not found in other stretch film. Extruded or cast polyethylene stretch film and stretch wrap are available depending on your stretch film need.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap by hand

Use a hand stretch wrap film dispenser to apply film by hand. Gauges of 60, 70, 80, 90 and 120 and widths of 12" to 18" are in stock.


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Extended Core Stretch

Extended Core Stretch

Built-in Handles

Comes with a disposable extended core for easy grip. Many sizes and gauges available from 80 - 120 gauge.


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Bundling Film

Bundling Film

Narrow Width

The 3" core fits most any reusable hand-held stretch wrap dispenser. Choose from gauges of 60, 80, 90, 135 and 150 that are in stock.


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Stretch film, or stretch wrap, is a highly elastic and stretchable plastic film used for packaging and securing products on palettes or bundling items. It is commonly used in the logistics, warehousing, and shipping industries to preserve goods during transit and storage. Stretch film is composed of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin, which imparts stretchability.


Stretch film is applied by wrapping it around a pallet or group of items to create a compact, secure enclosure. It adheres to itself when stretched, providing exceptional load containment and stability. The film's elasticity enables it to try and return to its original shape, exerting constant tension on the packaged items and holding them tightly together.


There are various categories of stretch film, such as hand stretch film and machine stretch film:

Hand Stretch Film: Hand Stretch Film is intended for manual application. It is available in a range of dimensions and thicknesses to meet a variety of packaging requirements. Typically, hand stretch film is applied manually using a handheld dispenser. It is typically used for smaller loads or objects with an irregular shape.


Stretch Film for Machines: Stretch film for machines is designed for stretch wrapping machines. These devices automate wrapping, increasing efficiency and ensuring the film is applied consistently and uniformly. Stretch film for packaging machines is available in larger quantities and is suitable for high-volume operations.


Stretch film offers several advantages for packaging and transport:

Stretch film securely fastens products to pallets, preventing shifting, movement, and potential injury during transport. It stabilizes the load and reduces the possibility of objects toppling or falling.


Stretch film creates a protective barrier around products, protecting them from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental elements. It helps preserve the quality and integrity of the packaged products.

A singular unit or load is created by wrapping multiple items together in stretch film. This facilitates handling, reduces the risk of lost or misplaced items and improves loading and unloading efficiency.

Stretch film is a more cost-effective packaging solution than lashing and shrink-wrapping alternatives. It uses little material and provides exceptional load containment, reducing the need for additional packaging materials.


Transparency and Barcode Scanning:

Stretch film is transparent, allowing for simple product identification and barcode scanning without unraveling.


Stretch film is adaptable and can be tailored to specific packaging specifications. It is available in various gauges (thicknesses) and can be chosen based on the load's weight, dimensions, and transportation conditions.


Stretch film is an indispensable packaging material that provides secure bundling, protection, and stability for various products during transport, storage, and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Wrap & Stretch Film

What is stretch wrap made of?

Stretch wrap is typically made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).

Is stretch wrap recyclable?

Yes, stretch wrap is usually recyclable. However, it's best to check local recycling guidelines as not all recycling centers accept it.

Can stretch wrap be used for moving?

Yes, stretch wrap is excellent for securing items during a move. It can wrap and protect furniture, bundle boxes, and confirm loose items.

What is the difference between stretch wrap and shrink wrap?

Stretch wrap is stretched around items to secure them, whereas shrink wrap is applied loosely around an object and then heated to shrink tightly around it.

Can I use stretch wrap for food?

Food-grade stretch wraps are available that are safe for direct contact with food. Always check the labeling to ensure it is food-grade if using it for this purpose.

How do I apply stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap can be applied manually by walking around the item and unrolling the wrap around it or mechanically using a stretch wrap machine.

What are the different types of stretch wrap?

There are several types, including hand stretch wrap, machine stretch wrap, colored stretch wrap, and vented pallet wrap, each serving different needs and purposes.

Is stretch wrap waterproof?

Yes, stretch wrap provides water resistance as it is made from plastic, protecting goods from moisture and contaminants.

Can stretch wrap protect items from UV rays?

Standard stretch wrap does not offer UV protection, but specialized stretch wraps are available with UV inhibitors.

What thickness of stretch wrap do I need?

The thickness needed depends on the load and usage. It ranges from 60 to 150 gauge; a higher gauge indicates a thicker wrap.

Can stretch wrap be used to protect items during storage?

Yes, stretch wrap is an excellent option to protect items from dust, dirt, and damage during storage.

Can I buy colored stretch wrap?

Yes, stretch wrap is available in various colors. Colored stretch wrap can be helpful for quick identification of pallet contents or for added security.

Is stretch wrap puncture-resistant?

While stretch wrap is quite durable and can withstand a degree of puncturing and tearing, it is not entirely puncture-proof. The resistance can vary depending on the thickness of the wrap.

How do I determine the amount of stretch wrap needed for my application?

The amount needed depends on the size and type of the load and the gauge of the wrap. A stretch wrap supplier or manufacturer can provide guidance based on specific needs.

Can stretch wrap be applied by one person?

Yes, hand stretch wrap can often be applied by one person, especially when wrapping smaller items. However, it may be easier with two people or a machine for large and heavy pallets.

Stretch Film


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