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Size Guide: Find the Perfect Printed "Fine Cigars" Reclosable Bag for Your Business

Cigars require proper storage even if they are being transported from a store to your home. They are sensitive to heat and cold and need to be maintained at a certain humidity level. Cigars are fragile and will react to their environment quickly (perfect conditions are 70% humidity at 70 degrees). By using a cigar bag you can insure to preserve the freshness of cigars and prevent them from becoming damaged and or bad.

Many people will opt to purchase a humidor to store their fine cigars, but if you only smoke a few at a time our pre-printed reclosable cigar bags are a good short term storage solution. These air tight bags will prevent cigars from drying out, the oils evaporating, and the wrapper cracking. Below is a cigar bag size chart to make sure you get the right sized pre-printed fine cigar bags for your shop

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