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Plastic Reclosable Cigar Bags and Loose Tobacco Bags

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Pre-Printed Zip Locking Cigar Bags

Compartment Zip Locking Cigar Bags

3 Finger Zipper Lock Cigar Bags

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5 Finger Zipper Lock Cigar Bags

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Pre-printed Slider Lock Cigar Bags

Pre-Printed Slider Lock Tobacco Bags

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Cigar Bags and Loose Tobacco Bags
Our pre-printed bags are printed with an elegant, two-color logo with the words "Fine Cigars" or "Fine Tobacco" in black and gold ink. All of our Cigar Bags and Tobacco Bags meet and exceed FDA and USDA requirements.

Cigar Bag and Loose Tobacco Bag Features:

Plastic reclosable cigar bags and loose tobacco bags are a type of plastic bag that are designed specifically for storing and preserving cigars and loose tobacco. These bags typically feature a resealable zipper closure that helps to maintain the freshness and quality of the contents.


Cigar bags and loose tobacco bags are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different types and quantities of tobacco products. They are commonly made from high-quality materials that are resistant to moisture, air, and light, which can all have a negative impact on the flavor and quality of cigars and tobacco.


In addition to their functional benefits, plastic reclosable cigar bags and loose tobacco bags can also be custom-printed with branding or other messaging to promote a cigar or tobacco brand. This can help to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty, and is a popular marketing tool for cigar and tobacco companies.


Overall, plastic reclosable cigar bags and loose tobacco bags are an effective way to store and preserve cigars and loose tobacco. They help to maintain freshness and quality, and are a convenient and secure way to transport tobacco products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cigar and Tobacco bags

What is the durability and quality of the plastic used in these bags?

The durability and quality of the plastic used in bags for cigars and tobacco can vary, but generally, these bags are designed to provide a suitable environment for preserving the freshness and quality of the products they contain. LDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene bags are the most common bags used in cigar and tobacco shops. However, the favorable laminated zip locking bags are gaining momentum as they offer a superior barrier and seal, but they are at a premium price point.

Are these bags designed to effectively preserve the freshness and flavor of cigars and tobacco?

Yes. Tobacco and cigar bags are specially made to keep cigars and tobacco fresh and full of taste. Most of the time, these bags are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are strong materials that keep out air, wetness, and other contaminants. This barrier is very important for keeping the right humidity and freshness levels inside the bag, which is a key part of keeping the quality and flavor of tobacco goods. Most of the time, the bags have dependable seals that keep the inside environment stable and protect the goods from outside factors that could compromise the cigars or tobacco. It's also possible for some bags to offer UV protection (Laminated foil bags for instance) to keep the tobacco from getting damaged by sunlight. Overall, tobacco and cigar bags are made with materials and designs that help them keep their aroma, taste, and amount of moisture while they are being stored and shipped.

Do these bags have any special features like humidity control or UV protection?

This is not an easy question to answer with a simple yes or no. The LDPE cigar and tobacco bags provide some level of humidity protection. While laminated cigar and tobacco bags provided a superior level of humidity and UV protection. Especially when paired with our water pillows.

Are the bags compliant with health and safety regulations?

All of our cigar and tobacco bags either meet and most likely surpass the stringent regulations put forth by the FDA. We will be more than happy to provide a letter of compliance should you require it.

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