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Types Of Custom Packing Tape Printed On

Material custom packing tape is constructed from. We offer custom printing on Polypropylene (Poly Pro) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) packing tapes. Below are more details, facts, and features about Poly Pro and PVC custom packing tape that should help you choose the correct type for your shipping application.

About Custom Polypropylene (Poly Pro) Tape

Polypropylene, "PolyPro", is the most commonly printed on. The reason is that its versatile and cost-effective packaging tape solution it’s found at new companies to industrial warehouses. Custom polypro packing tape can be applied in several ways such as by hand and with a tape gun (These come with 110 yards on the roll). You can also custom printed packing tape that can be used by an automated tape machines (These come with 1200 yards per roll). Custom printed poly pro packing tapes are the most common custom packing tape used by our customers.


Thicknesses of Custom Printed Poly Pro Packing Tape and General Applications

  • Custom General Purpose Packing Tape– 1.9 Mil
  • Hi-Tak Custom Tape – 1.9 Mil
  • Heavy Duty Custom Printed Poly Pro packing tape 2.5 Mil
  • Industrial Poly Pro Custom box sealing tape – 3.0 Mil

  About Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC custom packing tape is a premium tape used for specialized shipping applications. For example, this style of tape has excellent long-lasting adhesion and commonly used taping uneven/irregular surfaces. Another feature why you might choose PVC tape to add your custom print to it preforms great in cold climates. Lastly, customers like how the custom PVC packing tape has a quiet release from the roll. This tape can be dispensed right off the roll or by using a tape gun.

Thicknesses of Custom Printed PVC Packing Tape

  • Custom heavy-duty carton sealing tape - 2.2 Mil
  • Industrial Custom Packaging Tape – 3.2 Ml

Since 1964, International Plastics has been proudly serving our customers with an exceptional line of custom packing tapes, personalized customer care, and at a price that just can’t be beaten. Why should you consider custom-printed packaging box tape? Because custom packing tape leaves a positive impression on customers. It also completes your marketing efforts and adds a finishing touch to your shipping program. Research shows that custom printed packing tape and shipping containers help raise the number of repeat shoppers. Below are the types of wholesale custom packing tapes we offer.

Custom Printed Packaging Tape – Print Your Logo, Message, & More

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