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Plastic Bank Bags

Plastic Security Bags for Money and Coins
Our tamper evident Poly Money Deposit Bags have a tear-off receipt lip and a lock-in security closure with self sealing adhesive, exceeding bank and Federal Reserve Bar Code requirements. These poly money deposit bags are temperature resistant to further protect from tampering. Our money deposit bags include a sequential number system and tear off receipt to ensure even greater security measures and ease of auditing. We carry money bags for cover a range of uses from bank deposit bags to coin bags, and currency strap bags for secure money transport.

Plastic bank bags are secure and durable bags used to transport cash and other valuable items, such as coins, checks, and credit card receipts, to and from banks, retail stores, and other businesses. These bags are made of heavy-duty plastic material and are designed to withstand rough handling, weather conditions, and tampering.


Plastic bank bags typically feature a zipper or a combination lock for secure closure, and some models may have tamper-evident features, such as a security seal or a tear-off receipt, that indicate if the bag has been opened or tampered with. They may also come in different sizes and colors to fit different needs and help with organization.


In addition to being used for cash and valuables transport, plastic bank bags can also be used for storage and organization of important documents and other items. They are widely used by banks, retailers, hospitals, and other businesses that handle large amounts of cash or other valuable items.


Plastic bank bags are an important tool for businesses and organizations that need to securely transport or store cash and valuables. They provide a reliable and cost-effective way to manage and protect important assets, while also improving efficiency and organization.

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