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Wet Umbrella Bags

Wet Umbrella Bags

Keep floors dry and safe on rainy days with wholesale prices on plastic disposable wet umbrella bags. Your customer or client will appreciate the opportunity to make a good impression. We provide the umbrella bags and dispensers to keep your wet umbrella dispensers stocked and ready.

Features & Benefits Of Disposable Plastic Wet Umbrella Bags

  • Prevents wet umbrellas from dripping water on floors.
  • Keep floors clean, dry and safe with disposable umbrella bags
  • Printed in black ink "Wet Umbrella Bag"
  • Wet umbrella bag wrappers are made with low density Polyethylene that temporarily retain moisture and are puncture resistant
  • Made with eco - earth friendly additives for better degradation.
  • Carboard header has multiple hang holes to fit almost any stand.
  • Bags are open on one side and perforated for easy tear on other side.

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What to Do With a Wet Umbrella?

No one likes a rainy day, especially if having to carry a wet umbrella is involved. International Plastics has an attractive and practical solution to this problem with our disposable wet umbrella bags. We offer two different size wet umbrella bags to prevent umbrellas from dripping water all over the floors. One bag is 24 inches in length (our short bag) for small folding compact umbrellas. The second size we offer is 35 inches in length (our long bag) for the full to golf-sized umbrellas. So, if your wet umbrella stand can dispense two different sets of umbrella bags at the same time you will have your customers need to stay dry and not slip, covered with an umbrella bag.

Why Wet Umbrellas Can Be Hazardous For Your Business

As a retail business owner, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your customers. One of the most common accidents customers have is slipping and falling. Slip and fall accidents can be very costly for the owner of a business. It is a larger problem than you might think. Over 1 million people go to the emergency room each year for slip and fall accidents. Slips and falls are the leading cause of injury for all age groups and are quite common. Approximately 1/3 of adults over 65 fall each year. Each year medical bills top $34 billion for these accidents, but in many cases, they could have been prevented.

By offering umbrella bag wrappers for your customers they can help considerably by preventing slip and fall accidents. When customers use a bag for their wet umbrella it prevents them from dripping water off the umbrella onto the floors around your business. Using a wet umbrella wrapper helps keep your floors dry when it's raining outside. Not only do plastic umbrella bags prevent water from dripping all over the floors it reduces the labor your housekeeping and maintenance staff have from rainy-day mop-ups of floors.

Will Your Umbrella Bags Fit My Wrapper Stand?

International Plastics has researched virtually every brand make and model of wet umbrella bag stands on the market. Each pack of our wet disposable umbrella bags has a universal header that holds the bags which easily dispense wet umbrella wrappers. The header has multiple precut holes to fit bags perfectly with popular entryway wet umbrella bag stands from Tacto, Brenmar, Brella Fella, and others.

Wt Umbrella Brand Stands Our Plastic Umbrella Bags Work With

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