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Plastic Drum Liners

Plastic Drum Liners

Keep your drums and pails clean and in constant circulation with these clear industrial-grade Clear Polyethylene Drum Liners. Poly Drum Liners and Plastic Pail Liners eliminate the need for drum cleaning. Prepare, mix, process, or store liquids, pastes, or powders in these clear plastic bags that act as a barrier to protect your drums. Polyethylene drum liners and pail liners are found in areas where industrial packaging of paints, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and many more items are used or disposed of.

We supply drum liners for all types of industries including: Industrial, Chemical, Electronic, Military, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Agriculture, Food, and Medical. Order online now or request a quote!

Why Use a Drum, Bucket, Pail Liner or Inserts?
Increase Gold Arrow Plus Sign Increase Gold Arrow Plus Sign Decrease Silver Arrow Plus Sign Decrease Silver Arrow Equals Sign Savings and Protection Shield
Increase life of
drums & pails
Increase turn-around
time for drum reuse
Decrease time
spent cleaning
Decrease decontamination
& Environmental impact
Industries Who Uses Drum, Bucket & Pail Liners?
 Medical and Pharmacuetical Drum Liners  Food Processing Drum Liners  Paints Inks and Adhesives Drum Liners  Sanitary and Janitorial Drum Liners  Chemical Processing Drum Liners  Building and Construction Drum Liners
Medical &
Paints, Inks
& Adhesives
Sanitary &
Building &
Did you know Most new 55 gallon steel drums are about 34" tall. Often refurbished drums vary widely in height and are usually shorter than new. To overcome the height difference, simply tie off the overlapping end of the liner.
Which Type Of Drum Liner Is Right For You? Drum Liner and Drum Inserts Comparison Chart
Drum Liner or Drum Insert
  2 Mil, 3 Mil & 4 Mil
Drum Liners on Rolls
Rigid Seamless
Drum Inserts
 High Speed mixing and pumping of viscous products * *
Adjust to varying drum heights * *
Round Bottom * *
Molded Lip * *
Antistatic   Some
Withstands 300 (Degrees Fahrenheit) * Briefly
Withstands 195 (Degrees Fahrenheit) * Briefly
Store or ship WET chemicals, slurries, paste or food *  
Store or ship DRY chemicals, slurries, paste or food *  
Meets FDA requirements * *
 Can be used with Fiber, Metal, Wood and other materials * *
Not self supporting * *


Do you know the gallon size you need, but not sure what bag size you should use for a drum?

Easily convert drum capacity to bag size using this table to find the right size drum liner. This is meant to be a guide, individual needs may differ especially for tie off and or overhang:

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