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International Shipping - The majority of our business is in North America and more specifically the United States. However, we do ship internationaly.

Cheap Shipping - We are constantly accessing shipping costs to bring our customers the best value without sacrificing delivery times and locations. Some products require LTL shipping due to weight and size. Be sure to check with your sales rep to varify exactly how your order will ship.

Free Shipping - Every so often International Plastics will run a "Free Shipping" promotion on certain items. The best way to stay informed of when that might occur is to stay connected to us.


Free Delivery - International Plastics is constantly running promotions. One of those being "Free Delivery". To stay informed on not only free delivery but on all of our specials is to stay connected.

Next Day Delivery - Do you require one of our 7,000+ in stock packaging products by the next business day? We will make it happen. Simply place your order by 4:00 Eastern Standard Time and you can be assured that you will recieve it the very next business day.

Discount Codes - International Plastics offers numerous Discount Codes throughout the year. Interested in recieing them? We thought so. Simply fill out your information in the Contact Us Form and you will be in the Discount Code pipeline.

Voucher Codes - Though we don't commonly refer to voucher codes as... well... Voucher codes. We do make available many many coupon / discount / promo codes. Be sure to fill in your information on our Contact Us Page and you'll be sure to start getting our voucher codes as soon as they come out.

Promotion Codes - Are the coupon codes? Are they promo codes? Shoot, all you care about is if you can save some money, right? International Plastics makes available numerous promotional codes at any given time. There might be a promo code for free shipping. A promotional code for 25% off on any of our packaging times. The best way to stay informed is to  sign up on our Contact Us Page.

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