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Plastic Ice Cube Bags at Wholesale Prices!

All of our ice bags meet and exceed FDA and USDA requirements for food contact.

Plain Top Ice Bags with Twist Ties

Preprinted 5 lb (1.5 mil), 8 lb (1.5 mil), 10 lb (1.5 mil), 20 lb (2 mil) & 50 lb (3mil) open top Ice Bags with Ties are in stock and ready for immediate delivery


Ice Bags with Cotton DrawString

Preprinted ice bags with built-in cotton drawstring.Available in 8 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb. bags in stock


Ice Bags on Wire or Plastic Wickets

Perfect for automatic and semi-automatic ice bagging machines. 8 lb, 10 lb. and 20 lb. bags are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.


Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Ice Bags

Crystal clear,wholesale Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Ice Bags with twist ties for resealing unused ice. Available in 5 lb,8 lb,10 lb, 20 lb,. and 50 lb sizes


Full Custom Ice Bags or "Slug" your information onto Pre-Printed
Ice Bags

Fully customize your own Ice Bags


Wicketed Ice Bags

Ice Baggers

•Uses 8,10, or 20 lb. Plastic or Wire Wicketed Bags

• Aluminum body with bpa-free poly chute


Plastic Ice Cube Bags In Stock & Ready to Ship the Same Day

Our super-strong plastic ice bags are made with EVA additives to withstand rough handling and below-freezing temperatures. All of our poly ice bags are made with odor-free 100% virgin LLDPE resins, which meet all FDA & USDA requirements for food contact. Choose from three different ice bag styles above in six different capacities.

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All you need to know about Packaging Ice in Plastic Ice Bags

Did you know that the FDA Regulates the Safety of Packaged Ice?

What style of ice bag should I choose? Choosing the right style of Ice Bag is one of preference and packing function.

Manual ice bag packagers usually choose between two styles:

Higher volume ice packagers use semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging machines that require Ice Bags on Wicket or Ice Bag Roll Stock Film:

What are Metallocene and EVA, and why are they important?

Metallocene is a type of LLDPE or linear low-density polyethylene resin that is used to make ice bags and film stronger than traditional LDPE – Low-Density Polyethylene. EVA is a copolymer resin additive that helps poly film perform better in cold temperatures. All polyethylene films become brittle at freezing temperatures, so EVA is added to soften the film and aid in puncture resistance, ripping and tearing. EVA is safe for food contact.

What size bag do I need? Packaged Ice is sold in various capacities and the bag sizes often vary based on the style and size of the ice cubes being packaged.

Are our ice bags FDA/USDA approved? The FDA doesn’t approve anything they just issue requirements. All of our ice bags and film meet the FDA and USDA requirements and are made of 100% virgin resins. A certificate of compliance is available at your request.

Industries that use Ice Bags:

Convenience Stores

Catering Companies

Amusement Parks

Fish Markets

Hotels and Motels

Produce Markets



Sports Arenas and Stadiums


Camp Grounds

Concrete Companies

Grocery Stores

Anyone needing to make, bag, or serve ice to their customers


Anyone using ice as part of their manufacturing process

Looking for ice bags to be used for medical athletic training rooms for a school or university?

Try these stock poly bags that would compare to Medco Sports Medicine University Ice Bags, Muller Ice bags, Cramer Heavy Duty Ice bags, Eline Ice bags, Pull-n-pack Ice bags, School Health Brand and Vortex Brand Ice Bags:

8x4x18 1.25 mil


9x 18 HD 1 mil

10 x18 1 mil

12 x 20 1.5 mil

12x20 in 2 mil

12 x 22 

15 x 20 1.25 mil, 1.5 mil, 2 mil

12 x 24  1.25 mil on roll

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