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Inmate Property Bags

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Inmate Personal Belonging Bags

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Plastic Inmate Property Bags
These inmate property bags are designed to inventory, hold, and safeguard an inmates personal property during their incarceration. Our inmate property bags feature a serialized numbering system for easy inventory, a tear off receipt for tracking, and a large write on area for a list of the bags contents.These features help to prevent bag swapping and missing items. Once sealed these bags are tamper evident, showing visible signs of intrusion from heat, cold, or brute force.

Inmate Belonging Bag Features:

Inmate property bags are plastic bags designed to hold the personal belongings of inmates who are incarcerated in correctional facilities. These bags are typically made of clear or opaque plastic material and have a seal or zipper closure to prevent tampering and ensure the safety of the contents.


Inmate property bags are commonly used to hold personal items such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other personal effects. In some cases, they may also be used to hold other items such as legal documents, letters, or medication.


The use of inmate bags helps to ensure that an inmate's personal belongings are kept separate from those of other inmates and are not lost or damaged while in custody. It also helps to maintain the security and safety of the correctional facility by preventing the introduction of contraband or unauthorized items.


Inmate property bags may be used in a range of correctional settings, including jails, prisons, and detention centers. They may be available in different sizes and types depending on the needs and requirements of the specific facility or institution.

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