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Damage Indicators

Damage Indicators on Caredboard Shipping box
Ship your fragile, sensitive, or perishable goods without giving up control of their handling. Use these shipping indicator labels to prevent mishandling during the shipping process. We offer shipping indicators for multiple different types of mishandling including shock indicators for drops and tilt watch indicators to prevent flipping. These effective, attention-getting devices act as a strong visual deterrent to unacceptable handling, no matter what you're shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions Shipping Damage Indicators

What are shipping indicators?

Shipping indicators help keep your shipments protected when they are out of your hands on the way to the customer. They are available in a range of styles to fit your package and requirements for indication. Most shipping indicators and damage indicators come with a companion label to let the package handler know they are attached and to encourage proper handling. 

Shockwatch Labels help detect drops and impacts for fragile and delicate items. They are available in multiple G increments that will vary depending on the weight of your package and how large of a drop or impact you want to detect. Shockwatch damage indicators come in an always-armed version and an armable version that you can activate on shipment. 

Tip N Tell Indicators ensure that your package is not turned over or left on its side during transport. It provides a tamper-proof visual indication if the package was turned past a certain angle. 

Tilt Watch Plus Indicators provide specific angles that packages were tipped to in 10-degree increments. 


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