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Flap Lock Poly Bags

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2 Mil Flap Back Poly Bags

Clear 6 x 9 flap lock plastic bags

6" x 9" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF20609




  / Case of 1000

8 x 10 flap lock poly bags

8" x 10" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF20810




  / Case of 1000

9 x 12 flap lock poly bags

9" x 12" Flap Lock Poly Bags - 2 Mil

Stock#: PBF20912




  / Case of 1000

9 x 14 flap lock poly bags

9" x 14" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF20914




  / Case of 1000

10 x 15 x 2 mil flap lock poly bags

10" x 15" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF21015




  / Case of 1000

12 x 16 x 2 mil flap lock poly bags

12" x 16" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF21216




  / Case of 1000

14 x 18 x 2 mil flap lock poly bags

14" x 18" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF21418




  / Case of 1000

16 x 20 x 2 mil flap lock poly bags

16" x 20" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF21620




  / Case of 1000

18 x 24 x 2 mil flap lock poly bags

18" x 24" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF21824




  / Case of 500

1 Mil Flap Back Poly Bags

5 x 7 x 1 mil flap lock poly bags

5" x 7" Flap Lock Poly Bags

Stock#: PBF10507




  / Case of 2000

Clear 9 x 12 x 1 mil flap lock poly bags

9" x 12" Flap Lock Poly Bags - 1 Mil

Stock#: PBF10912




  / Case of 1000

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Flap Lock Poly Bag with 2
Flap Lock Poly Bags are an excellent self-locking bagging solution at an economical price. The fold-over closing cuff serves well to protect your apparel, flatware, and even food. International Plastics Locking Poly Bags have a 2" fold over flap (Exception: 2 Mil 18" x 24" with a 3" fold over flap).

Flap Lock Plastic Bags

Flap lock poly bags, also known as flap seal bags or self-sealing bags, are a type of plastic packaging that is frequently used in many different industries for the purposes of storing, organizing, and transporting goods. These bags are often constructed out of materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, which give sturdiness as well as protection for the contents of the bag.


The presence of a flap on the top of the bag serves as the identifying characteristic of flap lock poly bags. The opening of the bag is covered with a flap that may be folded over to make a closing. The flap extends beyond the opening of the bag. In contrast to other types of closing mechanisms, such as adhesive strips, ridges, or hooks, flap lock bags rely on the fold-over design of the flap in order to keep the bag safely closed. This design helps to prevent the bag cannot from being opened accidentally. However they are easily opened and then closed again


Poly bags with flap locks are extremely adaptable and are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and styles to meet a wide variety of needs. Our flap bags have a clear appearance, which makes it simple to see what's included within the bag. This transparency is especially helpful in situations in which the bag is used to display products or in which a speedy identification of the contents is required.


Flap bags are frequently used for the packing and protection of a wide variety of products, including small parts, accessories, stationery, jewelry, books, apparel, and many other types of items. The ability of flap lock bags to self-seal means that they can be opened and reopened an unlimited number of times without using any additional sealing materials. This makes using these bags extremely convenient and simple.


There are many benefits available with flap-lock poly bags. They contribute to the protection of the contents against things like dirt and dust, moisture, and even light handling. The safe closure guarantees that the contents will maintain their original condition regardless of whether they are being stored or transported. In addition, flap lock bags are frequently constructed from recyclable materials like plastic film, which further contributes to their status as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional packaging.


Since their inception the basic idea behind these bags has not changed. They provide a solution for packaging that is dependable as well as convenient for a wide variety of businesses and applications.


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