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Flat Pouch Bags

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No Valve Flat Pouches

Black 2 oz. Flat Pouch

Stock#: FLAT-6.1-BLACK




  / Case of 2000

Gold 2 oz. Flat Pouch

Stock#: FLAT-6.1-GOLD




  / Case of 2000

Silver 2 oz. Flat Pouch

Stock#: FLAT-6.1-SILVER




  / Case of 2000

Gold 4 oz. Flat Pouch

Stock#: FLAT-6.3-GOLD




  / Case of 2000

Silver 16 oz. Flat Pouch

Stock#: FLAT-6.7-SILVER




  / Case of 1000

Valve Flat Pouches

Hang Hole Flat Pouches

Child Resistant Exit Bags

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Flat Pouch Bags
High quality flat pouches come in a wide range of sizes for packaging smaller sample portions of your products or larger quantity items for storing purposes. We offer two different styles of stock laminated flat pouch bags. The first is Metalized Pouch Bags. They are solid metallic colors in gold, silver and black. Flat pouch bags with an added degassing valve are perfect for small portion and sample coffee bags.The second type are flat resealable pouches. These style flat pouch bags have a 3-side seal design with a clear front and metallic back. These bags are perfect for displaying beef jerky, snack food, pet treats and or any perishable snack item. Flat pouches are available as custom printed bags (flexo printing, hot stamp printing) and for applying custom labels.

Materials Used To Make Flat Barrier Stand Up Pouches:

Below is a list of the different types and layers of films used to create our paper Flat Barrier stand-up barrier pouches. Choosing the correct materials ensure you get the needed barrier protection when packaging your product(s). If you need help, please feel free to give our sale staff a call 1-800-820-4722 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 5 pm eastern standard time.


  • PET: Polyester, (Polyethylene Terephthalate): Tough, temperature resistant polymer. Biaxially oriented PET film is used in laminates for packaging, where it provides strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. It is usually combined with other films for heat seal ability and improved barrier properties
  • ALU: Foil (AL or ALU): A thin gauge (6-12 microns) aluminum foil laminated to plastic films to provide maximum oxygen, aroma, and water vapor barrier properties. Although it is by far the best barrier material, it is increasingly being replaced by metalized films, (see MET-PET, MET-OPP, and VMPET) because of cost.
  • VMPET: Vacuum Metalized Polyester Film, Vacuum metalized film is usually designated to mean the polymer films with the surface deposited a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum in flexible packaging applications, through vacuum depositing
  • LLDPE: Linear low-density polyethylene. Tougher than LDPE and has better heat seal strength but has higher haze.
  • Nylon Poly: (NYL) Polyamide resins, with very high melting points, excellent clarity, and stiffness. Two types are used for films - nylon-6 and nylon-66. The latter has a much higher melt temperature, thus better temperature resistance, but the former is easier to process, and it is cheaper. Both have good oxygen and aroma barrier properties, but they are poor barriers to water vapor. Also, nylon films can be cast
  • RICE PAPER: May be made from rice straw or other plants, such as hemp and bamboo.
  • MBOPP:  Heat-sealable metalized biaxially oriented polypropylene film. The base material is BOPP with double heat-sealing layers, aluminum metalized on corona treated side, and another side is a heat-sealing layer.

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