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VCI Bags

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Flat VCI Bags

Gusseted VCI Bags

13 x 16 x 9 Gusseted VCI Poly Bags

Stock#: GB2-ZRVCI-130916




  / Roll of 1000

Ziplocking VCI Bags

3x5 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI40305




  / Case of 1000

3 x 5 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 1000/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-40305




  / Case of 1000

4 x 6 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 2000/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-40406-B




  / Case of 2000

4 x 6 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 1000/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-40406




  / Case of 1000

4x6 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI40406




  / Case of 1000

6x8 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI40608




  / Case of 1000

6 x 8 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 1000/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-40608




  / Case of 1000

8x10 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI40810




  / Case of 1000

9x12 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI40912




  / Case of 1000

10 x 12 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 1000/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-41012




  / Case of 1000

12 x 18 Reclosable VCI Poly Bags - 500/CS

Stock#: CZ-ZRVCI-41218




  / Case of 500

12x18 reclosable vci bags

Stock#: CZ-VCI41218




  / Case of 250

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VCI Poly Bags

VCI bags are useful for storing or shipping metal parts, tools, machinery, and any metal components susceptible to rust. They are often preferred over traditional rust-preventative coatings, as they eliminate the need for messy application and removal. Seal your metal item inside the VCI bag, and the protective vapors will safeguard it for extended periods, even in harsh or humid environments.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Bag Features:

Frequently Asked Questions About Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Bags

What do the different colors of VCI bag mean?

The different colors of VCI bags represent what metals can be protected in those bags. 

Yellow VCI bags protect ferrous metals from rust and corrosion. This includes steel, iron, cast iron, and their alloys. 

Blue VCI bags and Green VCI bags protect multiple types of metal including ferrous metals as well as aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc. 

How long do VCI bags work?

VCI bags protect metals for up to 5 years when properly packed and stored.

Tips for properly using a VCI bag to maximize protection:

  • Only pack clean and dry items in the bags.
  • Always pack VCI bags using gloves to prevent corrosion from hand oils and fingerprints.
  • Tightly seal packages with tape, heat seal, zip ties, or fold over after each use. 


What does VCI stand for in packaging?

VCI is short for vapor corrosion inhibitor, volatile corrosion inhibitor or vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. All of these expansions of VCI describe the same thing, a paper or plastic piece of packaging with added chemical compounds that prevent corrosion on the metal items within them. 

How are VCI bags and VCI sheeting used?

VCI bags and VCI sheeting protect metals during transport, storage, or in the middle of a project. VCI bags and sheeting are easier to use than VCI liquids as they do not require the metal to be rinsed and dried before use. 

What is the shelf life of VCI bags and VCI film?

VCI products have a shelf life of 2 years if stored at 85 degrees F (30 degrees C) or less and out of direct sunlight in original packaging.

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