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Auto Bags

Auto Bags

Pre-opened bags are open on one side for easy product inserting and perforated on
the back for easy tear-off. Ideal for high-volume packaging operations. Compatible
with most automated bagging machines like AUTOBAG , Sharp , Titan , and Advance Poly .
Linear low-density Metallocene also ensures better heat seals when used with our
semiautomated bagging machines.

Use Pre-Opened Bags on Roll with Automated bagging machines for easy and efficient packaging.

Is there a diference between Auto Bags and Pre-opened bags?
Auto bags and pre-opened bags are both types of plastic bags used in packaging and automation, but they have some key differences.

Auto bags are a type of plastic bag that is designed to be used with an automated bagging machine. They are typically manufactured on a roll and feature a perforated line between each bag, which enables the bagging machine to automatically dispense and fill the bags as needed. Auto bags are often used in high-volume packaging applications and can be made from a variety of plastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and co-extruded films.


Pre-opened bags, on the other hand, are plastic bags that are pre-opened and stacked for easy dispensing. They do not have perforations between each bag, and are typically loaded into a bagging machine manually. Pre-opened bags are often used in applications where a bagging machine is not necessary, or where smaller quantities of bags are required.


One key difference between auto bags and pre-opened bags is their method of dispensing. Auto bags are designed to be used with an automated bagging machine and are dispensed one at a time as needed, while pre-opened bags are dispensed manually or in small quantities. Additionally, auto bags are manufactured on a roll with perforations, while pre-opened bags are typically stacked and bundled.


Overall, both auto bags and pre-opened bags are useful plastic bag solutions for a variety of packaging applications, but their intended use and method of dispensing can vary. It's important to consider the specific needs of your application when choosing between these two options.

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