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    Clear polypropylene PET laminated vegetable and fruit pouches that stand up when filled with produce. These specialty produce and vegetable bags are perforated with holes to allow your produce to breathe increasing their shelf life. These vented produce bags also feature a reclosable ziplock and convenient carrying handle at the top of the bag. Use these bags as Vented Grape Bags, Vented Green Pepper Bags, Vented Apple Bags and Vented Oranges Bags. With a die-cut handle and a reclosable zipper, these bags are the best looking and most functional vented pouches in the industry. All produce pouch dimensions below are outside dimensions. We also offer Produce Bags on Roll and a Produce Bag Dispenser



    Vented Pouch Bags for Produce Features

    • Available in clear 2.5 mil PP/PET blend.
    • The small vented produce bags are perfect for tomatoes, limes and small peppers.
    • The medium vented produce pouch bags are great for green beans, snow peas, and mini-peppers.
    • The large vented produce bags are ideal for apples, oranges, green peppers, and grapes.

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Vented Reclosable Produce

Sku # Description Autosizing Thickness Qty/Case 1 5
10.75x6.125+4 Vented Produce Bag CZPV2100604
10.75x6.125+4 Vented Produce Bag

10.75x6.125+4 Vented Produce Bag

10.75" x 6.125" + 4" 2.5 Mil 250 $24.60
9.5x10+4 Vented Produce Bag CZPV2101004
9.5x10+4 Vented Produce Bag

9.5x10+4 Vented Produce Bag

9.5" x 10" + 4" 2.5 Mil 250 $31.10
11x9.875+4 Vented Produce Bag CZPV2111004
11x9.875+4 Vented Produce Bag

11x9.875+4 Vented Produce Bag

11" x 9.875" + 4" 2.5 Mil 250 $34.50

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