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Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers are your go-to method for shipping your small/lightweight products in a manner that is cheaper, more space-efficient, and easily customizable over standard corrugated shipping boxes. Our high-quality polyethylene mailers and shipping bags are strong, flexible, and waterproof to help protect your products from external shipping damage.

Plastic Shipping Envelopes FAQ's

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What is a Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are the lightest way to ship items while also protecting the goods. The PE material (polyethylene) used is co-extruded making them puncture and tear-resistant during the shipping process. These bags help protect non-fragile goods from moisture and provide security by being sealed with a heavy-duty adhesive strip. Not only are our stock white mailers self-sealing, and gray on the inside for opacity for an added level of privacy of the contents inside. Ink, stamps, and labels adhere easily. 

What items work best with these Poly Mailers?

You can use poly envelope mailers to ship a wide variety of individual products/items and is one of the less expensive and best ways for online for companies to mail customers orders. What makes poly mails great for shipping soft goods is they are puncture-resistant, tamper-evident. Being a waterproof envelope they do not only protect your goods from moisture but they help prevent returns orders due to water damage. Items like books, shoes, apparel, accessories, fabrics, and blueprints are perfect for shipping with our standard stock white flat mailers and envelopes. Here are some tips and common sized mailers for shipping common style items packaged in a mailer bag

The first question to ask is, "Are you shipping something fragile?" Very fragile things should consider cardboard boxes and other packaging methods. The best mailer option for semi-fragile items would be our that are bubble-lined mailers. Inside the mailer is lined with 3/16bbubble to protect package contents during shipping. . Sealed the way as the standard flat mailers with the tear-off adhesive strip bubble mailers offer the most protection for softer products and goods.

Another question you should ask Yourself to determine the best size mailer is the size (L, W, and  D) of the measuring the object you are shipping. As a rule of thumb, if an object that's being shipping is bigger than an extra-large pizza box then expansion poly mailers would be your best option

Also, the shape of the object is important to consider for what you are shipping in poly mailing bags. Is the object pretty bulky like a teddy bear? If yes, then you probably won't want to use a poly mailer. Maybe a smaller stuffed animal could possibly fit in our longest poly mailer 13" x 45" Long Poly Mailer.

Poly mailers ship well when they are being used to ship the right individual item. Avoid packaging several different items in the same poly mailer. We have a wide variety of corrugated products for this purpose, like corrugated mailers and boxes.

Tip How Using Poly Mailing Envelopes Can Save On Shipping Cost:

One situation where poly mailers can be beneficial for your companies for shipping is using USPS First Class Mail as a shipping option for your customer‘s orders.

Shipping using a lightweight poly mailer and First-Class Mail is for packages that are under 13 oz. will cost you $0.55. This is dramatic savings compared to other shipping services such as FedEx and UPS that your cost would be several dollars.

Not only will it offer you a dramatic saving, but your customer's package will be delivered in 1-3 days in the continental United States

What size Poly Mailing Envelope do I need?

As you ask, "How do I know what is the right size poly mailer bag?" Realize there are many factors in determining the size you will need to adequately fit your item. We are just hoping to be helpful and give you a little bit of direction. Before ordering a whole case, we may be able to send you a sample to ensure that you will be satisfied with the size poly mail.

Type of Product

Poly Mailer Size


Dress Shirt

Blue Jeans

Pack of Socks

Type of Product

Poly Mailer Size

Women Dress

Tea Towel


Bolt of Fabric

So if you are sending out polo shirts that measure 9(w) x 11(l) + 2(d) all folded up then you would want to buy a 14 x 17 standard poly mailer or you might consider a little bit smaller size that already has a side gusset for an expansion poly mailer 10 x 13 + 2 gusseted poly mailer.

Want Your Customers Shipment To Stand Out? Why Custom Mailers Are A Good Option

Many e-commerce companies forget that the only touchpoint with your customer is your customer's shipment arriving. Using a stock poly mailing bag helps ensure it arrives to them undamaged (i.e. like a box delivered left on your customer doorstep when raining can damage the product with water) What if you just want your shipment not to show up in a standard plastic white shipping mailer? What if you want to create brand recognition every time a customer receives their order?

Then a custom printed and designed poly mailer is a great low-cost option for many businesses. Here are some facts about how a custom printed poly mailer can help your company’s brand recognition but possibly grow your business!

How To Measure Poly Mailer Video

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