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Poly Mailers & Plastic Mailers

Poly Mailers
Poly Mailers are a go-to method for shipping your small/lightweight products in a manner that is cheaper, more space-efficient, and easily customizable over standard corrugated shipping boxes. Our high-quality polyethylene mailers and shipping bags are strong, flexible, and waterproof to help protect your products from external shipping damage. Our poly mailers are available in multiple colors to match your branding.

Wholesale Poly Mailers For Your Business

What is a Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are the lightest way to ship items while protecting the goods. The PE (polyethylene) material used is co-extruded, making them puncture and tear-resistant during shipping. These bags help protect non-fragile interests from moisture and provide security by being sealed with a heavy-duty pull-off adhesive strip. Not only are our stock white mailers self-sealing, but a layer of gray is used inside for opacity, providing an added level of privacy that helps obscure the contents inside. 

What items work best with Plastic Mailers?

You can use poly envelope mailers to ship various products and items. They are one of the cheapest and most effective ways online companies mail customers' orders. Poly mailers are great for shipping soft goods or hard items because they are puncture-resistant and tamper-evident. They do not only protect their contents from moisture, but they help prevent return orders due to water damage. Items like books, shoes, apparel, accessories, fabrics, sporting goods, and items that are flexible or hearty enough in and of themselves are great examples of when a poly mailer is the right choice for shipping.


Here are some tips for common-sized mailers for shipping common-style items packaged in a mailer bag

How do you determine the best size for a plastic mailer?

Measure the object you are shipping at its longest, most comprehensive, and most profound measurements (Length x Width x Depth). Then, select the poly mailer that would accommodate those dimensions. As a rule of thumb, if a flat object that's being shipped is bigger than an extra-large pizza box, then consider expansion poly mailers.


The object's shape is important to consider when choosing poly mailing bags.

If the object is oddly shaped and bulky, like an amusement park teddy bear, then a poly mailer is probably not the right choice. Our 18" X 51" poly mailer might be the perfect choice when shipping a large outdoor rectangular seating cushion. The item placed in the poly mailer shouldn't easily slide around inside of the mailer.


What size polyethylene mailing envelope do I need?

Consider that there are many factors in determining the size you will need to fit your item being shipped adequately. You can rely on international Plastics and decades of flexible packing expertise. Our knowledgeable sales reps possess the ability to be helpful and give you a clear direction. Before placing an order, we are more than willing to send you an individual sample of the poly mailer you are considering to ensure that you will be satisfied.

  1. Measure the Width, Depth, and Length of the item that you are shipping.
  2. Determine the minimum width (W) of the poly mailer needed. Calculate Width + Height + 1.25 inches. The result is the minimum width.
  3. Determine the minimum length (L) of the poly mailer needed. Add Length + Depth (Height) + (Depth x 2). The result is the minimum length of poly mailer needed.
  4. Put the two results together (W x L) to determine the minimum-sized poly mailer that you need.
Type of Product Poly Mailer Size     Type of Product Poly Mailer Size
Sweater 12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19" Women's Dress 12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19"
Dress Shirt 9" x 12" Tea Towel 7.5" x 10"
Blue Jeans

12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19"

Yarn 10" x 13" or 12" x 15.5"
Pack of Socks 6" x 9" Bolt of Fabric 14.5" x 19"


So if you are sending out polo shirts that measure 9" (W) x 11" (L) + 2" (Depth) folded, then you would want to use a 14 x 17 standard poly mailer. One consideration would be selecting a smaller poly mailer with a side gusset that allows for expansion, such as a 10 x 13 + 2 gusseted poly mailer.

Wholesale Custom Printed Poly Mailers & Shipping Envelopes


How to measure a poly mailer


Frequently Asked Questions About Poly Mailers

What are poly mailers made of?

Poly mailers are usually made of polyethylene, a durable, lightweight plastic material.

Are poly mailers waterproof?

Yes, poly mailers are typically waterproof as they are made from plastic material. They protect the contents from moisture, dirt, and debris.

Can poly envelopes be recycled?

Most poly mailers are recyclable, but it depends on local recycling facilities whether they accept them. It’s always good to check the recycling symbol on the mailer to be sure.

Can I write on poly envelopes?

Yes, you can write on poly mailers with a permanent marker, but it’s always best to test a small area first to ensure it doesn’t smudge.

Can poly mailers be reused?

Some poly mailers come with a second adhesive strip, allowing them to be resealed and reused. However, not all poly mailers have this feature.

Are poly shipping mailers secure?

Most poly mailers have a strong adhesive seal, making them secure. For additional security, you can use tamper-evident or tamper-proof mailers.

Can I print on poly shipping mailers?

Yes, poly mailers can be printed on, and many businesses do so for branding purposes.

Can poly mailers be used for international shipping?

Yes, poly mailers can be used for both domestic and international shipping, depending on the weight and nature of the item being shipped.

Are poly mailers puncture-resistant?

While poly mailers are relatively durable and resistant to many forms of damage, they are not puncture-resistant. Extra protective packaging may be needed for sharp or fragile items.

Can I ship clothing in poly mailers?

Yes, poly mailers are suitable for shipping clothing items as they are lightweight and protect them from dirt, debris, and moisture.

What sizes do poly mailers come in?

Poly mailers come in a range of sizes to accommodate various items. Common sizes include 6x9, 10x13, and 14x17 inches, but there are many other sizes available.

Are poly mailers cost-effective?

Yes, poly mailers are usually a cost-effective shipping option as they are lightweight and can be cheaper to ship compared to boxes.

Do I need to put a poly mailer inside a box for shipping?

It’s not typically necessary to put a poly mailer inside a box unless the item being shipped is fragile or requires extra protection.

Can I get custom poly shipping mailers for my business?

Yes, we offer custom poly mailers where you can add your business logo, branding, or other designs.

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