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Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers are a go-to method for shipping your small/lightweight products in a manner that is cheaper, more space-efficient, and easily customizable over standard corrugated shipping boxes. Our high-quality polyethylene mailers and shipping bags are strong, flexible, and waterproof to help protect your products from external shipping damage. Our poly mailers are available in multiple colors to match your branding.

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What is a Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are the lightest way to ship items while also protecting the goods. The PE (polyethylene) material used is co-extruded, making them puncture and tear-resistant during the shipping process. These bags help protect non-fragile goods from moisture and provide security by being sealed with a heavy-duty pull-off adhesive strip. Not only are our stock white mailers self-sealing, but a layer of gray is used on the inside for opacity that provides an added level of privacy that helps obscure the contents inside. 

What items work best with Poly Mailers?

You can use poly envelope mailers to ship a wide variety of products and items. They are one of the least expensive and most effective ways for online companies to mail customers' orders. What makes poly mailers great for shipping soft goods or hard items is that they are puncture-resistant and tamper-evident. They do not only protect their contents from moisture but they help prevent return orders due to water damage. Items like books, shoes, apparel, accessories, fabrics, sporting goods, and items that are flexible or hearty enough in and of themselves are great examples of when a poly mailer is the right choice for shipping.


Here are some tips for common-sized mailers for shipping common-style items packaged in a mailer bag

How to determine the best size poly mailer?

Measure the object you are shipping at its longest, widest and deepest measurements (Length x Width x Depth). Then select the poly mailer that would accommodate those dimensions. As a rule of thumb, if a flat object that's being shipping is bigger than an extra-large pizza box, then consider expansion poly mailers.


The shape of the object is important to consider when choosing poly mailing bags.

If the object is oddly shaped and bulky, like an amusement park teddy bear, then a poly mailer is probably not the right choice. Using our 18" X 51" poly mailer might be the perfect choice when shipping a large outdoor rectangular seating cushion. The item being placed in the poly mailer shouldn't easily slide around inside of the mailer.


Why use a poly mailer?

Rain, moisture, or that sprinkler system can possibly damage a delivery if a poly mailer is not used as a line of defense. While not waterproof they do provide an excellent barrier against water in most any form.


SHIPPING TIP: How using poly mailing envelopes can save on shipping cost:

One situation where poly mailers can be beneficial when shipping is by using USPS first class mail as a shipping option. Shipping using a durable lightweight poly mailer at a first-class mail rate for packages that are under 13 oz. can provide a dramatic savings, compared to other shipping services, which may have a much higher shipping cost.

Not only will it offer you dramatic savings, but the package may be delivered in 1-3 days in the continental United States, depending on the sender's location and the recipient's.

What size poly mailing envelope do I need?

Consider that there are many factors in determining the size you will need to fit your item being shipped adequately. You can rely on international Plastics and the decades of flexible packing expertise. Our knowledgeable sales reps possess the ability to be helpful and give you a clear direction. Before placing an order we are more than willing to send you an individual sample of the poly mailer you are considering to ensure that you will be satisfied.

  1. Measure the Width, Depth, and Length of the item that you are shipping.
  2. Determine the minimum width (W) of the poly mailer needed. Calculate Width + Height + 1.25 inches. The result is the minimum width.
  3. Determine the minimum length (L) of the poly mailer needed. Add Length + Depth (Height) + (Depth x 2). The result is the minimum length of poly mailer needed.
  4. Put the two results together (W x L) to determine the minimum sized poly mailer that you need.
Type of Product Poly Mailer Size     Type of Product Poly Mailer Size
Sweater 12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19" Women's Dress 12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19"
Dress Shirt 9" x 12" Tea Towel 7.5" x 10"
Blue Jeans

12" x 15.5" or 14.5" x 19"

Yarn 10" x 13" or 12" x 15.5"
Pack of Socks 6" x 9" Bolt of Fabric 14.5" x 19"

So if you are sending out polo shirts that measure 9" (W) x 11" (L) + 2" (Depth) folded, then you would want to use a 14 x 17 standard poly mailer. One consideration would be to select a smaller size poly mailer with a side gusset that allows for expansion, such as a 10 x 13 + 2 gusseted poly mailer.

Want a shipment to stand out?

A custom poly mailer reinforces a company's brand and style to be more noticed and recognizable by the receiver. It also allows the receiver to feel more confident that what is inside the envelope is something that they were expecting and not delivered to them by mistake.


What if you want to create brand recognition every time a customer receives their order?

A company's brand is its lifeblood. From the small "Mom and Pop" to the Fortune 100 company, their brand is heavily invested in, so why not allow for quick recognition and further reinforcement of that voice?


Want a shipment not to show up in a standard plastic white shipping mailer?

Custom poly mailers are just what the doctor, dentist, aircraft repair, hobby supplies, an automotive company, or any other business should order to put their best face forward. Many e-commerce companies overlook that the only touchpoint with a customer may be when the shipment arrives. They should be reinforcing their brand and personality with a custom-printed poly mailer. Using a plain stock poly mailing bag is a smart choice and helps ensure it arrives undamaged but it might look like any other retailer's package. With the e-commerce business market continuing to grow at a lightning pace, a plain poly mailer just won't suffice anymore.


A custom-printed and designed poly mailer is a great low-cost option for many businesses. Here are some facts about how a custom-printed poly mailer can help your company’s brand recognition and even grow your business!

  • 66% of people believe that the packing of online purchases reflects how much the business cares about their order and them.
  • 52% of online customers are likely to be repeat customers because of thoughtful packaging.
  • 51% of online customers feel the custom printed packaging reflects the value and quality of the product.
  • 42% of online customers say they are very likely to notice custom packaging.
  • 40% of online customers say they are more likely to share a picture or video because of custom packaging.
  • 38% of online customers say they would consider purchasing from a competitor because of a damaged shipment.

Research is done by Harris Poll and Shorr packaging corp 

Additional tips, benefits, and features when considering poly mailers:

  • Ink, stamps, and labels adhere easily.
  • Poly mailers ship well when they are being used to protect an individual item.
  • Avoid packaging several different items in the same poly mailer.

If shipping something fragile.

When shipping very fragile items, consider using cardboard boxes or other packaging methods. The best mailer option for semi-fragile items would be our bubble-lined mailers. Inside the mailer, it is lined with a cushioning bubble that protects the package's contents during shipping. The bubble mailer is sealed the same way a standard flat mailer with the tear-off adhesive strip is. Bubble mailers offer some of the best protection for more fragile products and goods.

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How to measure a poly mailer

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