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4 Mil Poly Bags with White-Block

4 Mil Poly Bags with White Block "Write-On" Area

Take the guess work out of sorting, storing, shipping, and delivering heavy-weight items. If you need tighter inventory controls, these bags will do the job. White-Block area accepts rubber stamp, marker, grease pen, or ballpoint pen.

.004 Mil Clear Lay Flat Poly Bags with White Block Features:

  • The .004 gauge poly bags are suited for medium to heavy duty applications, recyclable, and made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin.
  • The clear flat open top poly bags meet all USDA and FDA requirements for food contact.
  • “Lay flat” means that the sides of the bag does not expand more than what is natural for plastic
  • “Open top” means that these plastic bags must be sealed by twist tie, bag tape, or a heat sealer (sold separately).
  • These 4 mil polybags are transparent with a printed white block and completely non-toxic
  • 2 Mil Whiteblock Poly Bags also available
  • See also: 4 Mil ClearTuff Poly Bags

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8 x 10 .004 White-Block Bags
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Poly Bag 4 Mil Whiteblock

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4 x 6 .004 White-Block Bags
6 x 10 .004 White-Block Bags
10 x 12 .004 White-Block Bags
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