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Cello Bag with ribbon and Cookie

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Bulk Cello Style Polypropylene Bags - Cello Bags

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Our Cello bags offer a more economic alternative to often confused cellophane bags. We offer flat and gusseted cello bags that are perfect for candies, chocolates, potpourri, candles, spices and baked goods. They also double as great party goody bags or Christmas gift bags. A Cellophane Heat Sealer can be used to seal cello gift bags or make cello food packaging bags for cookies, baked goods, nuts, candy, and other non-liquid food product. Wholesale cello bags are FDA approved and USDA approved for food use. Also all of our Cello Bags meet FDA specifications and are BPA free.

Cello Bag Features

  • Cello bags are made of polypropylene which is an oil product.
    Products wrapped in cellophane bags leading to a longer shelf life becuase they offer a higher barrier to air and water than cello bags do.
  • Cello gusseted and flat bags are less expensive bags allowing you to get very clear crinkle bag with savings we pass to our customers.
  • Custom printed cello bags are offered check with your sales rep what layout and proofs are available for some styles of custom cello bags.

Distinctions Between Cellophane Bags vs Polypropylene Cello Bags

It is difficult for online consumers to know the differences between a true cellophane bags and polypropylene Cello Bags. The main diffrence is that cello bags are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene with a back seam, offers some of the ame qualities as Cellophane Bags, yet Cello bags are less expensive than Cellophane bags . Also, different materials are used in combination with BOPP to suit the many different uses such as wedding favors, Baby showers, Birthday parties, Valentines Day, Christmas presents and cards, floral arrangements, and retail gift sets. We have many a number of styles and sizes off Cello Bags for just about any application. 


Materials used in Cello Bags

  • Acrylic Coated
  • Oriented Polypropylene core with an Acrylic coating on each side.
  • Offers outstanding clarity and sparkle.
  • Good moisture protection.

Applications: Candy, Wrapped Candies, Gift Cards, Floral Corsages, Retail Gift Sets
Saran (PvDC) Coated

  • Oriented Polypropylene core with an Acrylic coating on one side and a Saran coating on the opposite side.
  • Offers nice clarity and sparkle.
  • Good moisture and oxygen protection.

Applications: Rack/Peg Candy, Chocolates, Nuts, Pasta, Bakery Items, Snack Mixes, Soup Mixes, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Spices
Uncoated Polypropylene

  • A Polypropylene core and sealant layers.
  • Offers medium clarity and good stiffness in higher gauges.
  • Good moisture protection.

Applications: Pasta, Potpourri, Soup Mixes, Spices, Brittles, Candy, Retail Gift Sets, Frozen applications, Food Service Items
Uncoated BOPP with PE Lamination

  • COEX Polypropylene with a peelable seal layer on the inside.
  • Offers medium clarity and good stiffness.
  • Provides easy opening and resists tearing like what is common with OPP.
  • Ideal for multi-serve applications.

Applications: Popcorn, Granola, Nuts, Candy, Pasta, Soup Mixes, Snack Mixes

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