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Black Contracgtor Bag in Blue Barrel with wood sticking up

42 Gallon and 55 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags are designed to handle heavy and sharp waste objects on the job site and for those big jobs at home.Made from a blend of Linear-Low Density Polyethylene, Contractor Bags come in several sizes, two different colors and three heavy duty thicknesses. Each Contractor Bag on roll is flush cut and side sealed for added strength.Durable Clear and Black 3 mil 4 mil and 6 mil Contractor Garbage Bags are tear and puncture resistant, come on coreless rolls, and have a flat seal construction. 

Contractor Trash Bags Specs and Features

How are contractor bags different than large trash bags?

Contractor bags are typically heavier-duty and more durable than regular large trash bags. They are designed to withstand rough handling and can handle heavier loads without breaking or tearing.

Here are some of the key differences between contractor bags and regular large trash bags:

  • Strength and durability: Contractor bags are made from thicker and heavier materials, making them more durable and able to handle heavier loads. They are often reinforced with additional layers or stronger materials to prevent tearing or puncturing.
  • Capacity: Contractor bags are typically larger than regular large trash bags and can hold more waste. They are designed to handle large and heavy items, such as construction debris or yard waste.
  • Intended use: As their name suggests, contractor bags are designed for use by contractors and construction workers who need a heavy-duty bag that can handle the rigors of a construction site. They are also suitable for use in industrial settings or for large-scale cleaning projects. Regular large trash bags, on the other hand, are more commonly used in households for everyday waste disposal.
  • Cost: Contractor bags are typically more expensive than regular large trash bags, due to their increased durability and strength. However, they may be a more cost-effective option in situations where a regular trash bag would not be strong enough to handle the load, as they are less likely to tear and require fewer bags to dispose of the same amount of waste.

Overall, contractor bags are designed for heavy-duty use and can handle larger and heavier loads than regular large trash bags. If you need to dispose of heavy or bulky items, or if you are working in a construction or industrial setting, contractor bags may be a better option. However, if you are simply disposing of household waste, regular large trash bags should be sufficient.

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