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Bag Taper

  • Stock #: BSDE3
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Qty/Each: 1

Bag Taper

  • Stock #: BSDE3
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Qty/Each: 1
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3/8" Capacity Bag Sealing Metal Tape Dispenser

Stock #: BSDE3

GTIN: 00631546061226

This Light-weight compact Bag Sealing Tape Dispenser is constructed with a sturdy metal frame with a baked on enamel finish. It is easily mountable because of its pre-drilled holes in its base for securing the tape dispenser to a table top or wall. This wholesale priced poly bag tape dispenser is very easy to use and closes the bags with an adhesive to adhesive tape flag seal. Great for plastic bags, poly bags, produce bags, bread bags, ice bags, etc. Simply twist the neck of your bag, insert the neck of the bag into the open tape dispenser slot and the bag is automatically taped closed and sealed while the tape is cut.


  • It typically uses 3/8" bag tape but can also use 1/4" to 1/2" wide tape.
  • Light weight durable metal frame
  • Mounts to table or wall
  • Easy to use

The cutting blades on the side of the bag taper come with two blades included. We recommend that you remove one of the blades and set it to the side, to replace the blade being used in the bag taper after it becomes dull. One thought would be to use some masking tape to affix the sharp blade to the bottom of the taper for safe keeping.

Exploded view of cutter on side of bag taper

To replace a dull blade or to remove the extra blade that comes with the bag taper:

  1. Set the taper on a solid surface.
  2. Hold the top of the bag taper with one hand.
  3. Use a flat / standard screwdriver to loosen the screw holding the cutter to the side of the taper. You may be able to release the screw by hand, but it may take a pretty good grip to do so.
  4. As the screw is coming out, the entire cutter housing including the blades will come off of the body of the taper completely. Please take a mental snapshot of how it goes back on. You may even want to take a picture with your camera phone. It isn't to difficult to figure it out how it goes back together, incase it is confusing.
  5. Either replace the dull blade or set asside the extra blade included in your bag taper.
  6. be sure to be careful of the sharp edge on the dull blade. You may consider putting some masking tape over the edges so that no one gets cut emptying the trash.
  7. Set the extra cutting blade to the side. Please be sure to use extreme caution as the blade has two very sharp edges.

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