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Ice Bagger Machine
Dispensing and filling individual bags with ice is now a super easy and mess-free process with the Interplas Ice Bagger! Grocery stores, convenience stores, marinas, campgrounds, hotels, or other commercial businesses can now bag their own ice.

Not only will you save money, but you can profit by selling pre-packaged bags of ice using your commercial ice maker. Works with virtually any large-capacity ice maker.

Self Ice Bagging Machine Features

Ice Bagger Wire Wicket Adapter


The Ice Bagger from Interplas


Ice Bagger Features and Benefits

Ice Bagger with blue chute and adapter

1. The Ice Bagger Is Easy to Use

The Ice Bagger uses a BPA-free square plastic funnel chute to effortlessly, safely, and sanitarily funnel ice down into your bag. This ice bagger system handles large volumes of packaged ice.


The plastic chute funnels the ice quickly into the bag without creating a possible slippery mess from ice spilling on the floor.

2. Attaches to Any Commercial Ice Machine

This unit attaches to your ice bin's door frame to make filling and bagging your ice simple and easy. Just slip the Ice Bagger’s mounting bracket over the door frame of your ice machine.

The mounting bracket accommodates both left-side and right-side placement. You can adjust how the bagger attaches to the bin to suit both right and left-handed people.

Ice Bagger Commerical Machine Adapter Plate
Ice Bagger Machine

3. Rigid and Flexible Ice Bagging System

All Interplas Ice Bagger systems feature a rigid and durable aluminum body construction. The aluminum is not only functional, but it’s also easy to clean, and it is strong enough to stand up to many years of maintenance-free operation.


The Ice Bagger is offered in 2 capacities.

PB-ICEDISP10 accommodates both 8 lb. and 10 lb. ice bags with the use of our removable bag size stand.


PB-ICEDISP20 can do both 8 and 10 lb bags along with 20 lb. wicketed ice bags.


These two size options allow you to maximize the ice machine's footprint and fill and sell all of the most popular bag sizes with one single unit!


How do you seal and or close the bags of ice after you have filled them?

We offer three closure solutions for use with the Interplas Ice Bagger.


Closure Options:


  • Twist Ties: buy red-colored twist ties in bulk. When the bag is filled with ice, remove the ice bag from the wicket, spin the bag around while holding the top, then wrap a twist tie around the "neck" or closed end of the ice bag. We recommend the plastic twist ties when bagging ice.


Built-in bag holder options

Ice Bagger Bag Holder for Ice Bags on Plastic Wickets

No adjustment to the Ice Bagger is necessary. A bag holder for plastic wickets is part of the design. The built-in plastic wicketed holder is positioned just below the chute opening.


Plastic Wicketed Ice Bags:

8 lbs Polar bear Print 10 lb Polar bear Print20 lb Polar Bear Print

Ice Bagger Wicket Holder

Adapter for Ice Bags on Metal Wire Wickets

The ice bagger adapter is specifically designed for ice bags on metal wickets.

Ice Bagger Wicket Bracket

 Step 1: Thread the two-wicket wires through the front of the wicket bracket.

Ice Bagger Wicket Bracket

Step 2: Insert wicket wires through the bottom holes of the bracket

Ice Bagger Wicket Bracket Adapter

Step 3: Place the adapter, which is now holding the wicketed ice bags, on the “J” shaped bag holder that is positioned near the back of Ice Bagger Dispenser.

Product Name Brand Model Ice Bag Capacity Dimensions
Manitowoc Convenient Ice Bagger K-00146 Manitowoc K-00146 8 lb, 10 lb 10.25 in W x 13 in D x 28.75 in H
Scotsman Speedy Fill Ice Bagger BGS10 Scotsman BGS10 8 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb 19.25 in W x 10.75 in D x 28.5 in H
Regency Ice Bagger Regency 454ICEBAGGER 8 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb 13 in W x 10.125 in D x 28.5 in H
InterPlas Ice Bagger Plus Interplas PB-ICEDISP10 or PB-ICEDISP20 8 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb 13 in W x 10.125 in D x 28.5 in H
Billy Bagger Ice Bagger Billy Bagger B108, B120 8 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb 13" W x 13-1/2" D x 26-1/2" H
E-Z ICE BAGGER E-Z ICE BAGGER B28/20 8 lb, 10 lb  20 lb N/A


The common items that are shared across all of the above ice baggers are: The wicketed bag type they accommodate. Mounting on either the left or right side of the bagger. They are all constructed out of stainless steel and have a BPS-free plastic funnel.

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