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1 Mil Flat Poly Bag

Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

Nearly every industry uses Gusseted Poly Bags on a Roll in one way or another due to their versatility. We have many sizes and compositions that can accommodate any of the most demanding needs! These flat roll-fed bags are perforated below the heat seal so they tear off easily and accurately to keep production rolling. All open top flat poly bags on rolls are made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene and meet FDA and USDA specs for food contact. See also Flat Poly Bags on Roll

1 Mil Gusset Poly Bags on Roll

  • Provides up to three times the penetration strength and double the load-bearing strength versus similar competitor bags
  • Material: 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Core Size: 3 inches
  • Meets FDA/USDA specifications
  • Similar to Uline Gusset Bags on Roll

1 Mil Gusset Bags on Roll FAQs

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Gusseted Bags on Roll Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Gusset Plastic Bags On Rolls different from Gusseted Case Packed?

    • For the consumer who likes to use a dispenser to assist in packing their product, gusseted bags on roll work great.
    • Case packed gusset bags are great for low volume or occasional packaging.
    • Gusseted Poly bags on roll have a perforation along the width of the bag for easy tear off while case packed poly bags are organized so that they are easily pulled out one by one.

What's the difference between Gusseted Poly Bags on Roll and Pre-Opened Bags on Roll?

  • Auto bags / pre-opened bags have one side that is unattached at the perforation for automatated packaging or hand filling.
  • Gusseted Poly Bags on roll have a perforation on both sides of the bag. The first bag is open on both sides as is every following bag after the perforation is torn.

Why use Gusset Poly Bags on Rolls?

  • Applications for using flat poly bags on rolls: USDA/FDA approved for food contact; medical supplies; hardware such as tools, nuts and bolts; automotive parts and more
  • Industries for using flat poly bags on rolls: Food services; Medical; Hardware; Automotive; Retail; Apparel; Produce; Chemical; Waste and others
  • Companies and individuals use poly bags on a roll for items that are slim to bulky and when they need easy dispensing
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