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Corrugated Boxes & Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated boxes are mainly used in the packaging industry due to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. The most common use cases of corrugated boxes include packing, shipping, and storage of products. Our packing boxes are ideal for shipping as they protect against impact, compression, and puncture. They are also lightweight and can be easily stacked, making them an efficient option for storage. The benefits of using corrugated boxes include their recyclability, sustainability, and affordability. Made from renewable materials, the production process involves low energy consumption, making them an eco-friendly option. 

Standard Boxes

  • 200 lb. Test Boxes
  • White & Kraft Corrugated, Multi-Depth
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Heavy Duty Boxes

  • 275 lb. Test Boxes
  • Single Wall, Double Wall, Multi-Depth, Stitch Joint
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Moving Boxes

  • 275 -350 lb. Test Boxes
  • Combo Packs, Mirror, Dish Packing, Wardrobe
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Corrugated Bins

  • Home and Office Storage Bins & Boxes
  • Open Top Bins, File Storage, Stackable Bins
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Bulk Cargo Containers

  • Corrugated Cargo Containers, Gaylord Boxes
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UPS Strength Guidelines on Cardboard Box

Which packing box is right for packaging? This box guide will help provide the answer.

200 lb. Test or 32 ECT Boxes? What’s the difference?


  • Eliminate costly returns due to shipping damage. Choosing an incompatible cardboard box for a desired shipping or packaging need may not help it or its contents survive the perils of everyday handling.
  • International Plastics and UPS recommend 200 lb. test boxes. They provide more strength and protection than 32 ECT boxes which are a budget-friendly alternative for lightweight shipments.
  • International Plastics 200 lb. test boxes are made with heavier paper and have 60% greater bursting strength than 32 ECT boxes.
  • Providing substantial bursting strength means negligible crushed or damaged boxes and content during shipping.
  • International Plastics 100% satisfaction guarantee assures that we stand behind any of our products and that we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our boxes.
How to measure a Corrugated Box

How to Measure a Packing Box

  • Listed dimensions are always inside dimensions.
  • Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap.
  • Width is the shorter side of the box that also has a flap.
  • Depth measurements do not have a flap.
  • NOTE: Acceptable manufacturing variance is approx. +/- 1/8”


Helpful Hints

  • The first dimension is Length.
  • The second dimension is Width
  • Depth is the 3rd dimension and the only side without a flap..
  • To ship via UPS or FedEx, surround each item with 2” of packing material and place each item 2” away from the walls of the box.
  • To ship via USPS, surround each item with packing materials until items are no longer moving around in the box.
  • Air Pillows, Bubble Bags, Bubble Wrap, Convoluted Foam, Foam Rolls, Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets, Newsprint Sheets, VCI Rolls & Sheets


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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Packaging and Shipping


There are several reasons why corrugated cardboard boxes are a popular choice for packaging and shipping products:

  • Versatility: Corrugated cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them suitable for a wide range of products. They can be customized to fit specific product dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and providing maximum protection during transportation.
  • Strength: Corrugated cardboard boxes are designed to be strong and durable, able to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. They are made of multiple layers of paper, including an outer liner, an inner liner, and a corrugated medium that provides additional strength and support.
  • Lightweight: Corrugated cardboard boxes are relatively lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs and make them easier to handle during transportation and storage.
  • Cost-effective: Corrugated cardboard boxes are generally less expensive than other packaging materials, such as plastic or metal. They are also recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for businesses and consumers.
  • Sustainable: Corrugated cardboard boxes are made from renewable resources, such as trees, and are recyclable and biodegradable, making them an environmentally sustainable packaging option.

The versatility, strength, lightweight, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of corrugated cardboard boxes make them an excellent choice for packaging and shipping a wide range of products.

Common Thicknesses of Cardboard Boxes

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