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Thank You Bags and Take-Out Bags at Wholesale Prices!

Save on Wholesale Pre-Printed Plastic Thank You Bags in Stock. Everywhere you go, you see these bags. We can meet that demand. Thank You Bags are one of the most iconic plastic bags and have become a staple of takeout orders, party favor tote bags, shopping bags, and even take up pantry space in many households as reusable and convenient bags for miscellaneous needs.

These bags come in many styles, phrases, and languages. We offer “Have a Nice Day”, “Gracias”, and many more bags to convey friendliness and to let your customers know that you appreciate them!

If we don’t carry exactly what you’re looking for, head over to our Custom Thank You Bags and receive an easy quote from a member of our team and receive two hours of free artwork with your order!

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Thank You Bags

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Equivilant Paper Bag Sizes

7” x 3” x 12”

6” x 4” x 15”

8” x 4” x 16”

10” x 5” x 18”

11.5” x 6.5” x 21”

11.5” x 6.5” x 22”

12” x 7” x 23”

#6 or 6 pint

#8 or 8 pint

#12 or 12 pint

1/8th barrel

1/6 barrel

1/6 barrel

1/6 barrel








12” x 9” x 23”

13” x 8” x 23”

15” x 7” x 26”

18” x 8” x 28”

20” x 10” x 36”

20” x 28” x 10”

1/6th barrel

1/6th barrel

1/5th barrel

1/4th barrel

Party Tote

Party Tote





Party Tote

Party Tote

Popular Grocery Bag Gauges

Microns to Mils Conversion Chart

13microns   =     .51 mil

13.5microns   =     .53 mil

14microns   =     .55 mil

14.5microns   =     .57 mil

15microns   =     .59 mil

15.5microns   =     .61 mil

16microns   =     .63 mil

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