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T-Shirt Bags & Plastic Grocery Bags

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Plain T-Shirt Merchandise Bags

Blue T-Shirt Bag 11.5 x 6.5 x 21

Stock#: MB-T-24BL




  / Case of 1000

Green T-Shirt Bag 11.5 x 6.5 x 21

Stock#: MB-T-24GR




  / Case of 1000

Red T-Shirt Bag 11.5 x 6.5 x 21

Stock#: MB-T-24RE




  / Case of 1000

Printed T-Shirt Bags

Square Bottom T-Shirt Merchandise Bags

Earth Friendly T-Shirt Merchandise Bags

Merchandise Bag Dispenser

T-Shirt Bag Dispenser Rack for 1/6 Barrel bag with Bags

Stock#: MBDISP




  / Each of 1

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T-Shirt and Grocery Bags

Our Plastic Grocery Bags are available in various thicknesses and sizes to meet your needs. Also known as T-shirt bags, these bags feature large integrated handles for carrying and hanging. If you are looking for t-shirt bags with a pre-printed message, check out our thank-you bags. 

T-Shirt Bag and Grocery Bag Features:

Popular Grocery Bag Gauges
Microns to Mils Conversion Chart

13 microns = .51 mil 13.5 microns = .53 mil 14 microns = .55 mil 14.5 microns = .57 mil 15 microns = .59 mil 15.5 microns = .61 mil 16 microns = .63 mil

Above is a handy reference chart that gives you the equivalent paper grocery bag sizes compared to plastic t-shirt bags. 

Suggested Bag Sizes by Store Classification

Type 1/10 Barrel (Small) 1/8 Barrel (Medium) 1/6 Barrel (Large) Jumbo/Super Jumbo
Bakery Store Bag X X X  
Book Stores Bag   X X  
Card Shop Bag X X    
Clothing Store Bag   X X X
Convenience Store Bag X X X  
Department Store Bag X X X  
Drug Store Bag   X X X
Fabric Store Bag     X X
General Merchandise Bag X X X X
Grocery Store Bag X X X  
Hobby Shop Bag X X X X
Jewelry Store Bag X X    
Liquor Store Bag X X X  
Office Supply Store Bag   X X X
Photography Store Bag X X    
Record Store Bag X X X  
Restaurant Bag   X X  
Shoe Store Bag     X X
Sporting Goods Bag     X X
Video Store Bag X X    

Equivalent Paper Bag Sizes

7” x 3” x 12” #6 or 6 pint X-Small
6” x 4” x 15” #8 or 8 pint X-Small
8” x 4” x 16” #12 or 12 pint Small
10” x 5” x 18” 1/8th barrel Medium
11.5” x 6.5” x 21” 1/6 barrel Large
11.5” x 6.5” x 22” 1/6 barrel Large
12” x 7” x 23” 1/6 barrel Large
12” x 9” x 23” 1/6 barrel Large
13” x 8” x 23” 1/6 barrel Large
15” x 7” x 26” 1/5 barrel Large
18” x 8” x 28” 1/4 barrel Jumbo
20” x 10” x 36” Party Tote Party Tote
20” x 28” x 10” Party Tote Party Tote



Thank You and T-Shirt Bag Types for Wholesale Purchase


Frequently Asked Questions About T-Shirt Bags

What are plastic t-shirt bags?

Plastic t-shirt bags are a type of polyethylene bag characterized by their distinctive shape resembling a T-shirt. They have two handles at the top, which makes them easy to carry. They're often used in grocery stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets for carrying goods.

Are t-shirt bags recyclable?

Yes, many t-shirt bags are recyclable, especially if they're made from #2 (HDPE) or #4 (LDPE) plastic. However, it's important to check local recycling guidelines, as not all facilities accept them.

Are there eco-friendly alternatives to plastic t-shirt bags?

Yes, there are various alternatives such as cloth bags, paper bags, and biodegradable or compostable plastic bags. However, the environmental impact of each varies, so it's essential to understand the lifecycle of each alternative.

Can I reuse plastic t-shirt bags?

Yes, many people reuse these bags for various purposes, like lining small trash bins, carrying other items, or picking up pet waste.

Why are they called "t-shirt" bags?

The bag's shape, with its two protruding handles, resembles the silhouette of a T-shirt, which is how it got its name.

How are t-shirt bags produced?

They're usually made from polyethylene derived from petroleum or natural gas. The plastic is melted, blown into a tube shape, cut, and sealed to create the bags.

What are the most common use cases for t-shirt bags?

Retail Shopping: One of the most widespread uses is in retail stores, especially grocery stores, where customers use them to carry their purchased items.

Restaurants: Take-out and delivery services often use t-shirt bags to pack food orders.

Produce Bags: In grocery stores, these bags are sometimes available in the produce section for customers to select and bag fruits and vegetables.

Trash Liners: Many households reuse t-shirt bags as liners for small trash cans or waste bins.

Pet Waste: They're also commonly used by pet owners for picking up and disposing of pet waste during walks.

Storage: Some people use them to store or separate items, such as shoes, toiletries, or dirty laundry, especially during travel.

Transporting Wet Items: They help carry wet swimsuits or towels from pools or beaches, ensuring other items in a bag or car remain dry.

Charities and Donation Centers: These bags are sometimes used to separate and distribute items to needy people.

Farmers' Markets: Vendors might use t-shirt bags to pack and hand over fresh produce or other goods to customers.

Crafts and DIY Projects: Some craft enthusiasts repurpose these bags into plarn (plastic yarn) to knit or crochet reusable items like tote bags, mats, or hats.
Covering Plants: Gardeners sometimes use them to cover small plants to temporarily protect them from frost or pests.

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