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Gusseted Black UVI Pallet Covers on Rolls

Black Pallet Covers - Gusseted

Gusseted Black UVI Pallet Covers on Rolls are pre-cut and perforated on a roll for fast, easy dispensing. They help to keep products free from dirt, dust, and light. Very often they are used as machinery covers and to line gaylord containers against moisture and contamination from foreign objects. Perfect for outside storage. Pleated sides expand to the width of most standard pallets; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection.

Gusseted Black UVI Pallet Covers on Rolls

  • Black opaque film helps to prevent pilferage by concealing pallet contents but also protecting items that might be sensitive to light
  • UVI additive is necessary to assure good outside protection
  • Black poly material offers good UVI protection from the sun
  • Perforated on a roll for easy dispensing
  • Reusable and Recyclable

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