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4 Mil Zip Locking Bags - ClearZip®

These Zip Locking bags, ClearZip® , are considered heavy duty and to be used for bagging heavy items and products that might have sharper corners or edges that could tear zipper lock top bags that have a lighter mil. Our 4 Mil zipper locking bags come in 34 different sizes and are suited for demanding shipping, packaging, and storage applications. Our ClearZip® 4 mil plastic zip bags feature the highest-quality zippers to safely secure items the first time protecting your items from outside contaminants and make storage and organization simple.

4 Mil Zip Locking Bags ClearZip® - Features and Benefits

  • Bags made with 100% Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene and can be recycled
  • Side-weld seal reinforces the bag's zipper for added strength
  • All ClearZip® bags are BPA free & meet FDA/USDA specifications for food contact
  • High clarity, odorless, and durable plastic Zip Locking bags.
  • 4 mil poly Zip Locking bags are in stock and ship the same day.
  • See also: 4 Mil ClearZip® Bags with Hang Holes.
  • See also: 4 Mil White Block ClearZip® Bags

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