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Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

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Machine Length Stretch Film retains its grip and prevents slip. Choose from our wide variety of colors to help you distinguish and identify your shipments! The residue-free film stretches up to 200% - 250% average while being resistant to tearing.  This secures your palletized loads while letting your wrapper machine stretch your savings!Machine Stretch Wrap Film is used on the world's leading brands of Stretch Wrap machines such as Highlight Industries, Arpac, Lantech, Orion, Pheonix, MacWrap, Cousins and many more!

Machine Grade Stretch Wrap options

What is an uvi stretch film?

UVI Stretch Film has an Ultra Violet Inhibitor additive, which provides short-term protection from the elements. The additives protect this type of stretch film from photodegradation while maintaining strength and load keeping its integrity during outdoor exposure. Great for wrapping pallets that need to be stored in the elements. You should have confidence that the UVI protection will last about 12 months.

What is the high-strength eco-stretch film?

High-Strength Eco Stretch film, also known as downgauge stretch film is a specific blend of stretch film designed to retain the flexibility and strength that you've grown accustomed to in your stretch film while utilizing less Low-Density Polyethylene. This results in a stretch film that is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than the standard gauge, traditional Machine Grade Stretch Film!

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