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Extended Core Stretch Film

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Stretch Wrap with Built in Handles

Extended core stretch wrap is used for bundling small shipments, furniture and items such as boxes or suitcases with a disposable core and built-in handles for easy handling. Clear residue-free extended core stretch film stretches up to 100%, which contributes to its excellent resistance against tearing.

Stretch Wrap with Built-in Handle Features:

Extended Core Stretch Film is a type of hand stretch film that differs from traditional hand stretch film in that it incorporates an extended core or handle directly into the film roll itself. This type of hand stretch film is also known as Extended Core Hand Wrap. This enlarged core functions as a handle, making the application and distribution of the stretch film much simpler and eliminating the need for a separate dispenser or other pieces of equipment.


The inclusion of the extended core handle is the primary distinction between Extended Core Stretch Film and conventional hand stretch film. The extended core is normally a few inches longer than the width of the film. This allows the user to easily grip it and wrap the film around items or pallets by hand because the expanded core is a few inches longer than the width of the film. Because this design does away with the requirement for additional equipment or dispensers, it is both more practical and portable for usage on a smaller scale or on an infrequent basis.


When there is a requirement for a speedy and simple application of stretch film but there is not enough time or money to invest in specialist dispensers, extended core stretch film is an excellent option to consider. It is frequently utilized for packaging procedures that are on a small scale or involve a low volume, as well as for transfers within the home or office, as well as in circumstances where ease of use and convenience are favored over heavy-duty packaging requirements.


When opposed to standard hand stretch film that is applied using a dispenser, Extended Core Stretch Film might not be as appropriate for larger or heavier loads. This is an important point to keep in mind about this particular type of stretch film. It is possible that the extended core handle will not provide the same level of control or tension as a specialized dispenser, which may have an effect on the overall stability and safety of the things that are wrapped.


Extended Core Stretch Film is a practical option for light-duty or occasional packaging needs, particularly in settings where ease of use and mobility are highly desired. Utilizing a hand stretch film dispenser or a machine specifically designed for the purpose may produce superior results for more demanding applications or greater loads.

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