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Custom Printed Stretch Film

Custom Printed Stretch Film with 2 Color Logo

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Custom Printed Stretch Film

All custom-made products involve many production variables.
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Custom Printed Stretch Film is a type of stretch wrap that is printed with specific graphics, logos, or text to identify and promote a particular product or brand. This type of stretch film is commonly used in packaging and shipping operations to secure items on pallets, providing branding and identification while also providing stability and protection during transportation. Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap has several advantages like inventory control, improved load appearance, advertising, and as a deterrent to tampering. Stretch Wrap is measured by width (in inches) x length (in feet). We want to help you fulfill your palletizing needs.

Custom Stretch Film Capabilities

Printed Pallet Stretch Film

Width Length Gauge Rolls/Case Cases/Pallet
5" 1000' 80 12 50
10" 1000' 80 4 50
20" 1000' 80 4 50

Printed Hand Stretch Film on 3" core

15" 1500' 80 4 48
18" 1500' 80 4 36

Printed Machine Stretch Film

20" 5000' 80 1 40

When deciding on custom stretch film and custom artwork for stretch film, keep the following in mind.

  1. Design: Make sure your design is visually appealing, with high-resolution images and crisp text. Native vector-based art is preferred.
  2. Color: Select appropriate ink colors that match your branding and will appear well on white stretch film for the best visual results.
  3. Number of ink colors: a maximum of 2 ink colors is the limit on the number of colors possible to print.
  4. Artwork: Should measure 6" to 8" 
  5. Art Position: Should be positioned approximately 2"-3" from the top of the roll
  6. Size: Determine the correct size of your film to fit your specific application.
  7. Material: Selecting opaque white film will provide the best-looking art.
  8. Quantity: Determine the appropriate quantity for your project, considering immediate and future needs.

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