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Pre-Stretch Film

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Pre-Stretched Stretch Film

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Pre-Stretch Wrap
Pre-stretch wrap is a clear residue-free film that is pre-stretched at the factory and wound on rolls.   The pre-stretching causes the film footage to lengthen thus lowering your packaging cost because of possibly unstretched waste. This is why the gauge of pre-stretched film is thinner than traditional stretch film due to it being pre-stretched at the factory.

Pre-stretch Bundling Wrap Features:

Stretch film that has been pre-stretched before being wound onto a roll is known as pre-stretch bundling wrap film. When compared to other types of stretch film, this procedure of pre-stretching the film allows it to have a higher holding power, better load stability, and lower film usage.

Here are some of the advantages of pre-stretch bundling wrap film over other stretch films:

  • Increased holding force: Because it is pre-stretched, pre-stretch bundling wrap film provides a higher holding force. This means it can hold goods more securely during transportation and storage, lowering the risk of product damage and loss.
  • Improved load stability: The pre-stretching technique also aids in the load stability of pre-stretch bundling wrap film. It can be stretched up to 250%, which improves load containment and lowers the possibility of load shifting.
  • Reduced film usage: Pre-stretch bundling wrap film can be stretched further than other forms of stretch film, so less film is needed to wrap a load. This not only minimizes the amount of film used, but also waste and packaging expenses.
  • Increased efficiency: Pre-stretch bundling wrap film may be applied fast and easily, increasing the wrapping process's efficiency. This can help to boost production while lowering labor costs.

Pre-stretch bundling wrap film outperforms other types of stretch film in terms of load stability, holding force, and film usage, making it a preferable choice for many packaging and shipping applications.

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