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Heat Sealers & Bag Closures

Bag Sealers and Closures
Choose from a wide selection of bag sealers, closures, and accessories to help you quickly and securely seal your products. If you're looking for a way to keep your products fresh and free from air and moisture, then packaging sealers are the perfect solution for you.

Wholesale Packaging Sealers For Your Business

International Plastics offers a variety of high-quality packaging sealers and closures suited to the requirements of a variety of industries.

Our products provide dependable and secure sealing solutions for flexible packaging, ensuring the freshness, safety, and integrity of your products and goods. Our extensive selections of sealing equipment, offer solutions for a wide spectrum of packaging applications.


Impulse sealers: Our heat sealers provide consistent and durable seals, ensuring the integrity of the product. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, with temperature controls and precise sealing mechanisms that are adjustable. They offer efficient and trustworthy sealing solutions for heat-sealable plastic films.


Continuous Band Sealers: We provide continuous band sealers for high-volume packaging operations. These machines automate the sealing process along the entire length of the bag or container, guaranteeing efficient and secure seals. Continuous band sealers are compatible with a variety of packaging materials and applications.


Sealers for Cello Bags: Designed specifically for sealing cellophane bags. These sealers provide airtight closures, preserving and protecting the contents. They are portable, user-friendly, and provide reliable sealing for cellophane packages of various sizes.


Portable Shrink Wrap Systems: Our portable shrink wrap systems allow you to efficiently shrink-wrap your products. These systems are adaptable and applicable to a wide variety of products. They provide a tight, professional finish, enhancing the appearance and protecting the contents of your shipments.


Ripack Heat Shrink Gun: The Ripack thermal shrink gun is an effective tool for shrink-wrapping applications. It provides precise heat distribution and control, making shrink wrapping fast and efficient. The Ripack thermal shrink gun is constructed for durability and ease of use.


Automatic Twist Tie Machines: Our automatic twist tie machines offer an efficient and automated method for securing packages and containers with twist ties. These devices are capable of high-speed operation, which reduces the need for manual labor and boosts output.


Metal Bag Tape Dispenser: The metal bag tape dispenser is a useful instrument for dispensing and slitting bag tapes. It facilitates the simple and accurate application of bag tapes, allowing for the secure closure of bags and shipments.


Air Blower Poly Bag Opener: The air blower poly bag opener facilitates packaging operations by rapidly inflating poly bags, thereby making them simple to open and fill. This device eliminates the need for manual bag opening and increases packaging efficiency.


Hog Ring Pliers: The purpose of hog ring pliers is to secure containers and packaging materials with hog rings. They offer a sturdy and dependable closure for applications requiring additional security.


Twist Ties, Bag Tape, Nylon Cable Ties, and Rope & Twine: We provide an assortment of packaging accessories to meet your requirements. Twist ties, bag tape, nylon cable ties, and rope & twine are available in a range of lengths and materials, giving you a variety of options for bundling, securing, and organizing your shipments.


We are committed to providing packaging sealers and closures of the highest quality that meet your specific needs. Whether you need thermal sealing, continuous band sealing, shrink wrapping, or securing bags and packages with a variety of closures, our extensive product selection guarantees that you can find the ideal sealing solutions for your packaging operations. Interplas provides dependable and effective sealing solutions that safeguard your products and improve your packaging processes.

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