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Round Mail Tubes

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Regular Duty Round Tubes W/End Caps

Heavy Duty Round Tubes W/End Caps

White Plastic End Caps

1.5 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-01RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

2 in white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-02RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

2.5 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-02RMT-CAP-2




  / Case of 100

3 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-03RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

4 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-04RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

5 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-05RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

6 inch white plastic end caps

Stock#: CP-06RMT-CAP




  / Case of 100

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Round Mail Tubes
Posters, charts, maps, blueprints, art prints, and calendars fit perfectly in our Plug-Seal round tubes. These mail tubes are made of 3-ply spirally wound paper fiberboard with a 1/16" wall. A plastic ribbed cap plugs each end securely. Shipping Tubes come in diameters from 1 inch to 6 inches and are available in Black, Blue, Green, Kraft, Metallic Gold, Red, White, and Yellow.

Round postal tubes are a handy and long-lasting packing alternative for shipping or storing cylindrical or rolled objects. These tubes are great for sending documents, posters, blueprints, artwork, and other cylindrical items.


The shape of round mail tubes is one of its primary advantages. Their round design creates a homogeneous and safe container, reducing the risk of harm to the contents during shipping. They are also less prone to become entangled in sorting machines or damaged during transit due to their round shape, which makes them easier to handle and stack.


Another benefit of round mail tubes is their long life. The majority of round postal tubes are composed of high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty cardboard or plastic, that can survive harsh handling while protecting the contents from moisture and other external elements. To provide additional safety, certain tubes are strengthened with additional layers of material or end caps.


Round postal tubes come in a variety of sizes and lengths, making them useful for a wide range of applications. They can be modified to meet individual needs and printed with branding or design elements to improve the presentation and promote your company.


When it comes to shipping, round postal tubes are a low-cost, lightweight choice that can help you save money. They may be sent via a variety of carriers and delivery services, and because they are cylindrical in shape, they can be simply stacked in trucks and other transport vehicles.


Finally, round postal tubes provide a dependable and cost-effective packing solution for cylindrical objects. They are a popular solution for organizations and individuals who need to ship or store rolled or cylindrical objects since they are robust, secure, and adaptable. Whether you're mailing artwork, blueprints, or posters, round mail tubes ensure that your things arrive safely and securely.

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