BioTuff Environemtnal Trash Bags - Green Garbage Bags

BioTuf Environmental Trash bags

Star Sealed Green Garbage Bags - Green Trash Bags - large green compost bags - BioTuf Can Liners are tough on trash and easy on the environment. These bags are very degradable.

Why BioTuf? Over the past 40 years, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that there is four times as much trash generated in the US, yet there are only one-fourth of the amount of landfills available. We believe that the process of turning organic trash into compost, or "composting" will become a significant future trend in how the US manages its almost 230 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste. One of the Key elements in managing this process is to have trash bags available that meet ASTM standards for biodegradable/compostability so that bags used for trash collection can turn into compost along with the rest of the organic trash in an actively managed compost facility. That's why there's BioTuf Compostable Bags!

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