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55-60 Gallon Trash Bags

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64 Gallon Trash Can with Black and Clear Trash Bags Next to it
Choose from a full line of durable, linear, low-density 55-gallon to 60-gallon garbage bags. We also offer strong yet economical high-density garbage bags. Our 55, 56, and 60-gallon trash bags are offered in several colors such as clear, black, white, gray, and even orange for high visibility. If you need to clean up a construction site, demolition, or remodeling project and need a heavy-duty trash bag see our 55-gallon contractor bags. Try our Bag Selector to find the right size for your needs.

When are 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags used?

55-60 gallon trash bags are typically used for larger-scale waste management needs, such as in commercial or industrial settings. They are also suitable for households with a high volume of waste, such as large families or households with multiple people.

Here are some common scenarios where 55-60 gallon trash bags may be used:

  • Commercial settings: These trash bags are commonly used in businesses, offices, and retail establishments that generate a large volume of waste. They can accommodate the waste generated by large groups of people or high-traffic areas.
  • Industrial settings: 55-60 gallon trash bags are also used in industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites. These settings often generate a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of quickly and efficiently.
  • Large households: If you have a large household or generate a lot of waste, 55-60 gallon trash bags may be a suitable option. They can accommodate a significant amount of waste and are a good option for households that only have weekly trash collection.
  • Events: When organizing large events such as weddings, concerts, or festivals, these trash bags can be used for disposing of large quantities of waste generated by a large crowd.

Overall, 55-60 gallon trash bags are useful for situations where a lot of waste needs to be disposed of at once. If you have a smaller household or generate less waste, you may want to consider smaller-sized trash bags.

Common Cans

Regular Waste Basket

Round Base


Half Round

Slim Jim

Round Brute


King Khan

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Janitorial Cart


Steel Combo

Round Waste Basket


Round Top

Ash Tray



Liner Cart




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Square Brut


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