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Masking Tape is used for many types of industries and applications where detailing is essential. We offer three grades and many colors of masking tape. If you need printed masking tape we can help you there as well. Masking tape is most commonly used for clean lines during painting, but can also be used for splicing, masking, bundling, holding, and other uses.

Masking Tape Types:

  • General Purpose: 4.9 Mil, Useful for labeling and DIY applications. Available in multiple colors.
  • Industrial Grade: 5.6 Mil Holds for multiple days and still comes off clean.
  • Contractor Grade: 6.1 Mil Our thickest and strongest masking tape, increased temperature resistance. 
  • Double Sided: 7 Mil Perfect for mounting light items or holding drop clothes in place.  

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