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Whiteblock Reclosable Bag

White Block Reclosable Bags

Resealable Poly Bags With Write-On Label

White block zipper reclosable bags are reusable and resealable with a whiteblock write on panel. Use these bags to label items or to record the storage date. These zipper bags are also perfect for displaying, storing and for protecting all types of products during shipping. We recommend that additional packaging be used for shipping like Mailers or Corrugated Boxes.

The white block area accepts marker and pen ink. All of our white block bags are made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene resin and meets FDA and USDA requirements. Custom printed white blocks and custom sizes are also available.

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Whiteblock Write on Bag for organizing

Zip Locking White Block Bags

Reclosable bags with write-on-panel for easy closing and repeated use

2 MIL Reclosable White Block Bags

3 MIL Slider Lock White Block Bags

4 MIL Reclosable White Block Bags

6 MIL Reclosable White Block Bags

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Custom Printed White Block Reclosable Bags

White Block Poly Bags

Poly White Block Bags

Poly bags with write-on panel open end for easy load of bag contents

2 MIL Poly Bags with White Block

4 MIL Poly Bags with White Block

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Custom Printed White Block Poly Bags

Common Applications for Reclosable and Poly Bags with Write On Panels

A lack of organization can leave you frustrated and unproductive. Do you organize your home or organization? Do you ever have items you store in bags that look similar but they differ in some way? How about items that belong to a specific person or business department?

Maybe you have food items that are prepared differently based on someone's dietary needs. All of these, plus many other common applications, are reasons for using white block reclosable bags with write on panels.

Reclosable zip bags with white block panels make it easy to keep things organized and or easily identify contents inside by writing directly on the white block area. Here is a list of applications and industry types that commonly use reclosable poly bags with write on panels.

  • Leisure and Entertainment - Label dehydrated meals for that hiking or camping trip.
  • Electronics - Label stored electronics
  • Food Service - Labeling your baking goods
  • Medical - Labeling medicines
  • Food Service - Labeling kosher foods
  • Arts and Crafts - Labeling craft items
  • General Purpose - Organize for a road trip
  • Food Service - Labeling kosher foods
  • Horticulture - Label seeds keep your seeds safe in a cool environment and organized before stratification

What Can Be Used On White Block Bags Write On Area

White Block Zipper Locking bags are perfect for easy identification of parts and contents. White block area accepts marker, pen ink, and rubber stamp.

The white block area on poly bags are great for keeping things organized by simple writing on bag. Although you can write on the white block panel with virtually anything some writing utensils are better than others. It is not just white ink on this style of bag.

The white block area on reclosable bags uses a special varnish. This white varnish is more akin to a matt color with a rougher more porous surface. Due to the properties of this special varinish/ink used for white block bags certain types of writing tools will quickly adhere and dry on the bag such as a sharpie marker. Other types of writing utensils, such as gel ball point pens, will not dry quickly and have a tendency to smear.

Recomended Not Recomended
Permanent Marker • Always the best choice -
Ball Point Pen - • Adhears slightly but will smear
Crayon - • Wax does not adhear
Pencil - • Graphite does not adhear
China Marker - • Does not adhear
Paint - • Does not dry quick enough and flakes off
Finger Paint - • Mentioned here for fun
Quill - • Plastic bags came after the quill pen
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