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Slider Lock Bags - ClearZip®

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3 Mil - White Block Slide Lock Bags (ClearZip)

3 Mil - Slide Lock Bags (ClearZip)

4" x 6" 3 Mil Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30406



.95 / Case of 100

6.5" x 6" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30606



.95 / Case of 100

6" x 9" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30609



.95 / Case of 100

8" x 6" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30806



.95 / Case of 100

8" x 10" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30810



.90 / Case of 100

9" x 12" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL30912



.90 / Case of 100

10" x 7" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31007



.90 / Case of 100

10" x 13" Slider Locks Bags

Stock#: CZSL31013



.70 / Case of 100

12.5" x 9" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31209



.90 / Case of 100

12" x 12" Slider Lock Bags

Stock#: CZSL31212



.50 / Case of 100

12" x 15" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31215



.85 / Case of 100

14" x 10" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31410



.30 / Case of 100

16" x 12" Slider Bag

Stock#: CZSL31612



.85 / Case of 100

16" x 16" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31616



.80 / Case of 100

18" x 20" Slider Bags

Stock#: CZSL31820



.75 / Case of 100

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Slider Lock Bags

Our SliderLock Bags can be described with one word, Convenience. This easy-to-use slider bag open-and-close feature is what has made these plastic zipper bags so popular. These 3 mil Slider Lock seal-top bags are great for a wide variety of packaging and storage applications such as Healthcare, Restaurants, Kit Manufacturers, Document Storage, Agriculture, and Airports. Slide zipper locking bags are great for situations where latex gloves are worn. The top slider on these plastic bags is very easy to use and simple enough to operate even for small children. 3 Mil thick slider zip bags close quickly and easily the first time and every time. All ClearZip® plastic slider lock bags are made of low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin and meet FDA/USDA specifications for food contact.

3 Mil Clear Slider Lock Zip Bags

What are Slider Lock Bags?

Slider-Lock Bags are basically a zipper-locking bag without a lip. The opening and closing of the bag happens with a plastic molded “slider” that acts like a traditional zipper. It assists in opening and closing of the bag. Slider bags are perfect in an environment where the bag needs to be opened and closed repeatedly or where the user needs assistance opening and closing the bag. For custom slider bags there is typically a longer lead-time and larger minimum order quantities.

Warning Choking Hazard: Children May Be Able to Tear Slider from Bag and Choke On Loose Slider. Immediately Discard Any Loose Sliders. Not For Children Under 3 Years.


Plastic slide zip pouches are used extensively in schools because they are simple enough to operate even for small children. Other applications include but are not limited to Healthcare, Restaurants, Kit Manufacturers, Document Storage, Agriculture, Airports, Archeology, Automotive, Clothing, Collectibles, Crafts & Hobbies, Distribution Centers, Education, Fishing, Forensics, Government, Institutional, Jewelry, Labs & Testing, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Moving & Storage, Organic Fruits & Vegetables, Photography, Plumbing, Safety, Sports, Technology, Toys, Veterinarians and Vitamins.


Slider Lock Reclosable Bags can also be custom printed with your company's logo or information with our in-house Custom Artwork Services that we provide.

These 3 Mil Zipper Top Slider bags are great for needs where quick, assured closure and ease of use are very important. The red slider helps hold these poly bags open for single hand loading. Made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. These 3 mil zipper top poly bags are durable and reusable over and over again.

Also known in the industry as:

EZ-Align™ Zippers • One-Time Locking™ Zipper • Degradable™ Zipper • Barrier INNO-LOK • Polypropylene-Compatible zippers • EZ Open Strip™ •  Hefty Onezip - slide lock plastic bags - slider Zip Locking bags - 4 mil slider zip bags - Slider Zip Locking Storage Bags - Slider Zipper Bags - RELOC Slider-Zip Recloseable Slider Poly Bags - slider zipper bags

Slider-Zip ensures a tight, secure, and positive seal every time. They are user-friendly packaging that will efficiently pack your product. It supplies the end-user with an easy packing slider zip recloseable bag that can be used and reused for many purposes including: pet supplies, automotive parts, packaging, organizing, etc. These thin, flexible slidezip bags have thousands of uses and are available in a variety of sizes.

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