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Perforated Poly Mailers

14" x 17" Poly Mailers

Stock#: PM1417

$64.95 / Case of 500

Non Perforated Poly Mailers

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Non Perforated

For securing the package, non-perforated poly mailers with an adhesive strip provide a dependable and secure solution. The sticky strip helps to seal the package tightly and stably, preventing the contents from spilling out during transportation. It is possible to create non-perforated poly mailers with an adhesive strip that are tamper-evident, making any attempt to open the package obvious. This adds another level of security to the shipment's contents. The sender only needs to peel off the backing paper from the adhesive strip and push the package closed to use non-perforated poly mailers with an adhesive strip. Clothing, books, and small devices can all be shipped using non-perforated poly mailers with an adhesive strip. To accept objects of various sizes and shapes, the sticky strip can be placed at various points on the mailer. Non-perforated poly mailers with an adhesive strip provide a safe, practical, and tamper-evident way to ship goods that can be used for a variety of shipping requirements. The adhesive strip makes it simple and quick for the sender to prepare the package for delivery while also offering a strong and long-lasting seal that helps to safeguard the contents during shipping.

Perforated Poly Mailers

Make it more simple for the recipient to open the package by using poly mailers with perforations. The recipient can readily access the mailer's contents by tearing open the pre-cut line of perforations on one side of the mailer. Instead of requiring scissors or a knife, which may endanger the contents inside or the receiver, the perforated tear area is a more practical and quick way to open the mailer. Save the recipient from wasting time and frustration trying to tear open the envelope. The tear strip also adds an additional level of protection for the mailer's contents during shipping. The perforations make it difficult for someone to open the mailer without leaving obvious signs of tampering, which can serve to deter theft or unwanted access to the contents. Poly mailers with perforation offer an all-around practical, effective, and secure way to ship goods that is valued by both senders and recipients.

Poly Mailers are your go-to method for shipping your small/lightweight products in a manner that is cheaper, more space-efficient, and easily customizable over standard corrugated shipping boxes. Our high-quality polyethylene mailers and shipping bags are strong, flexible, and waterproof to help protect your products from external shipping damage. Save on shipping costs using lightweight poly mailers.

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