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Replacement Blade Assembly for Bag Taper for Excel EX605 - ET-605K

Replacement Blade Assembly for Bag Taper

Tape Cutting Blade
Blade Location

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  • Stock #: BSDE3-TB
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Bag Taper Tape Cutting Blade Assembly

Stock #: BSDE3-TB

GTIN: 00631546035593

Has your bag taper seen better days. Maybe it isn't the taper at all, maybe you just need to replace the interior tape blade assembly. It is easy to spot the bag trimming blades on the outside of the bag taper. The interior, arrow shaped, blade that cuts the tape, can be easy to miss. The tape blade isn't the easiest thing to replace, but it can be done, and it can save you a fair amount of money than having to repalce the entire bag taper.

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