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Nylon Cable Zip Ties

Nylon Cable Zip Ties

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Nylon Cable Ties

11" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-11B

$67.80 / Case of 1000

11" Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-11C

$62.75 / Case of 1000

14" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-14B

$48.05 / Case of 500

14" Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-14C

$45.30 / Case of 500

24" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-24B

$67.70 / Case of 100

4" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-4B

$18.85 / Case of 1000

4" Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-4C

$16.90 / Case of 1000

5.5" Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-5C

$23.05 / Case of 1000

6" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-6B

$20.35 / Case of 1000

8" Black Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-8B

$33.10 / Case of 1000

8" Cable Ties

Stock#: TT-NT-8C

$32.35 / Case of 1000

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Our White or Black Cable Ties secure bags, electrical wire, cables, or plastic piping permanently. The self-locking seal forms a durable, no-release, no-slip. UL approved Black Nylon or Clear / White Nylon in five lengths: 4 inches, 5 1/2 inches, 8 inches, 11 inches, and 14 inches. Zip ties are easy to use: just insert a tapered tip into the lock, tighten tension, and trim off the excess. Cable zip ties stay locked permanently and will not stretch. Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties are the strongest solutions for all heavy wire & difficult cable management needs, HVAC duct installation and repair, automotive detailing or car organization as well as law enforcement, and any sort of around-the-house project. Zip ties can be used also in the garden to hold plants against the stakes but take care not to damage the stem when zipping.

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