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Mini Air Clasi Air Cushion Machine


*Air cushion pillow film and rolls are purchased separately*

Mini Air Clasi Air Cushion Machine

  • Stock #: MA-CLASI
  • Weight: 11.1 lbs
  • Qty/Each: 1

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  • Price $1,282.32 / Each
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Mini Air Clasi Air Pillow Machine

Stock #: MA-CLASI

GTIN: 00631546007736

The Mini Air Clasi Air Cushion Machine is a packaging machine for Making Air Pillow Bags, Air Tubes and Air Bubbles. This air cushion machine is the most popular choice and ideal for most packaging environments. Longer lasting and 2 times faster than the Mini Pak'r Air Cushioning Machine. Spare Teflon belts included.


After turning the machine on, a circle on the control screen will flash until the desired temperature is reached. Press "SET" to change the Temperature, Length and Air Volume that you need. The recommended temperature (S.T.) is "185". Press "ENT" to save the data. Then pre-set the desired meter length (M) of film and press "ENT" to save the data. Set the air volume that is recommended between 25 - 35 then press "ENT" to save the data. Then feed the film's air channel over the air pipe. Press "IN/OUT" and pull the film slightly at the same time. Press "START" to inflate the film. Press "STOP" to stop inflating. Tear off the cushion bag at the perforation and you are ready to package your goods.


Mini Air Clasi Air Pillow Machine Specifications

  • Type: Air Cushion Machine
  • Model: Mini Air Clasi Air Cushion Machine
  • Speed: 40 feet per minute
  • Has adjustable air volume, temperature and length
  • Makes both air pillow and air bubbles
  • Works with overhead deliver system or winder
  • Ideal for most packaging environments
  • One year warranty


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